The cost of opening a company in Slovenia

The cost of opening a company in Slovenia

The question about the cost of opening a company in Slovenia appears quite often. We at Data realize that the rationalization of expenses during a business migration is utterly important, especially if you would like to carry out the process of a business migration with your family.

The cost of opening a company in Slovenia: first the founding capital

Firstly, we have to take into consideration that in the case of opening a private limited company (LTD), the founding capital of a minimum of 7.500 EUR has to be invested. This will be your basic cost of opening a company in Slovenia.


If you decide to register a branch or a subsidiary, you will not need to invest the founding capital, but a cost of opening a company in Slovenia will occur at the notary, regarding that the registration of a branch company cannot be made through the One Stop Shop.

After the registration, you will need an accounting services, which will determine the complete information of the tax system in Slovenia and monthly manage your company’s books. We believe that every entrepreneur realizes, how important it to know the legal system of the country, where you are doing business. We at Data also thought about it and that is why we offer all of our clients in accounting complete legal advisement. Also, you have to take into consideration the cost of managing a banking account, which would cost you about 30 EUR in the case of the basic package, but naturally the final cost depends on the bank you choose.

The cost of opening a company in Slovenia: residency permit

If you are not an EU citizen, the process of the business migration will consist of obtaining a residency permit in Slovenia. Our company offers complete assistance in this process, but when you submit your application to the Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia in your country, you will have to pay for the administrative tax and for the certification of your police clearance from your country.

The cost of opening a company in Slovenia: basic monthly cost

The next step after obtaining a work and residency permit will be your employment – your employer has to enroll you into a pension fund, insurance and the payment for social contributions. If you are the manager yourself, the total gross cost in the case of minimal wage for an employee would be 1.100 EUR for one employee, which means that the employee receives a little under 700 EUR net on his bank account.

Do not forget that the legal minimal amount per person for elementary needs in Slovenia is 288,81 EUR, which can be vital information for those, who plane to reunite with your family in Slovenia.

All the mentioned amounts and numbers can be helpful for you to orientate yourself about the cost of opening a company in Slovenia and for the day-to-day elementary needs in Slovenia. If you require more information, we encourage you to contact our company Data – where we provide complete assistance for entrepreneurs and register legal entities for 26 years. You can contact us at our email address: or telephone 00386 1 6006 270 or 00386 40 530 718 (Viber, WhatsApp). You can also follow us on Facebook.

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