Good rating of Slovenia by Moody’s agency

Good rating of Slovenia by Moody's agency

Even in these unsteady times, Slovenia is receiving very good ratings from credit rating agency. The last one to award Slovenia with a good rating if the agency Moody’s Investors Service. On 2nd October it awarded Slovenia with an A3 credit rating which foresees stable prospects for future business.

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Good rating of Slovenia – Moody’s agency awarded Slovenia with an A3 credit rating

Even in these testing times, Slovenia remains a stable country, especially for foreign investors. Usually, the credit rating houses are lowering the credit ratings for countries when the times are unstable. But Slovenia received a higher grade and is now considered one of the most reliable countries for foreign investment.

In the opinion of the agency, Slovenia received a good rating mainly because of two factors. One of them is the improvement of the public debt burden and the low cost of financing compared to similar countries. As another important factor, they cite the significantly improved state of the banking system and also the completed privatization of the largest banks in the country.

In addition, before the pandemic, Slovenia recorded the fastest decline in public debt among all EU Member States except Ireland. Moody’s expects that the public finance and economic foundations that Slovenia built before the pandemic will remain resilient to the effects of the crisis and that public finances will remain stable, while banks will be liquid.

The good rating suggest that the pandemic would not have excessive or lasting negative effects on the economy. Also, they foresee that the economic and fiscal strength of the country will remain at A3 rating. Furthermore, the stable outlook also suggests that the banking system will withstand the pandemic and have sufficient capacity to support the economic recovery next year.

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