Sales and transit of goods in EU with a company in Slovenia

Sales and transit of goods in EU with a company in Slovenia

Sales and transit of goods in EU with a company in Slovenia – advantages and conditions

Sales and transit of goods in EU with a company in Slovenia bring many advantages. Selling with a company in Slovenia allows you to do business more easily with companies in other EU member states. Also you will export the goods yourself in a fast and affordable way. Also without the necessary customs duties.

According to many statistics, trading of goods with non EU countries has increased in the last decade. Namely, most valuable partners for trade and selling are coming from China and from non EU countries. On the other hand, within the EU the most important trading partners are from Germany, Italy, Croatia and Austria. With a company in Slovenia, you can engage in sales of other products. You can import to Slovenia and sell here and in other EU countries.

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Sales and transit of goods in EU- VAT number in Slovenia

If you want the sale itself to be as favorable as the import and export with the company in Slovenia you need VAT number. You need to know that you do not get a VAT number automatically when you open a company. If you want to enter the VAT system voluntarily, you must prove to the Tax Administration that you plan to do business actively. You must provide them with written evidence, our bookkeeping service can perform the entire procedure for you. These evidences are contracts with clients from Slovenia and the EU. Also pre contracts, business plans, letters of intent, insurance applications, lease agreements for business premises. The procedure for obtaining a VAT number in Slovenia lasts 30 days.

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Sales with a company in Slovenia – smooth operation and movement in the EU

In order to import and sell your products in Slovenia, you must open a company. You have many options. You can register a limited liability company (LTD) with 7500€ share capital. It can also be a daughter company or a branch office. Once the company is registered you can start with your business activity in Slovenia.

Doing business and selling with a company in Slovenia allows you to obtain a work and residence permit. But only if you meet one of the following conditions:

  • you have turnover of € 10,000 per month for the last 6 months before applying for a permit
  • you have a full time employee from EU in the last 6 months before applying for a permit
  • make an investment in the activity in the amount of 50,000 euros in the first 6 months of the company’s registration

A work permit in Slovenia allows you to stay in Slovenia and do business in the EU. Our legal advisors will advise you on working and employment conditions in Slovenia. We can prepare all the necessary documentation for work permits for you and conduct the procedure on the basis of a power of attorney. You want to know more about sales and transit of goods in EU? Call us!

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