Registration of LTD and SP in Slovenia/EU

Registration of LTD and SP in SloveniaEU

Registration of LTD and SP in Slovenia/EU

Registration of LTD and SP gives people the option to start doing their business in Europe. It is the first step to start their business path. LTD means limited liability company. SP is the short term for sole trader. These are the most common company types that people register. Wha are the steps?

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Registration of LTD and SP: entering the primary register and tax register

Registration of LTD and SP means that the company is registered in the primary register. If you open the SP,  the primary register is AJPES. . However, if you register a LTD, the court enters it in the court register. The company is then added to the Business Register of Slovenia (PRS) and to the tax register.

Thus, SP becomes a taxpayer of income tax from business activity. The LTD is a legal entit and because of that is a corporate income tax payer. Therefore, you must obtain a digital certificate, which will make it easier for you to do business with the tax office. The registration of LTD oe SP allows the person to start their own business. But they also need a bank account.

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Registration of LTD and SP: documents you need

The registration of LTD and SP is a simple process, you just have to decide on which company type you will open. The sole trader needs an ID document and a tax number and bring both to SPOT point at DATA. You would also need an EMŠO number. If the address of the company is in a space that you do not own, you must obtain a statement from all owners of the space. It must be certified and not older than one month.

If you opted to open an LTD, you must have 7,500 EUR share capital and also submit a statement from the owner for the business address. You must choose the name, address and business activity of the company. Registration of LTD or SP is free of charge on all SPOT points. Anyone can open a LTD. But if you plan to become a sole trader, you must be an EU citizen or live in Slovenia at least 1 year.

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The Financial Office will need some information

Of course, the Financial Administration of the Republic of Slovenia (FURS) must also have all the information about the company. You must inform them about the data that they do not receive automatically. You have to do it as soon as possible. This includes data on the number and location of business premises used for performing activities and generating income, business units abroad, capital investments, accounts for payments abroad, related parties, the person who keeps business books.

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