Slovenia tax – Corporate Income Tax Act in Slovenia/EU

Slovenia tax - Corporate Income Tax Act in SloveniaEU

Slovenia tax – the changes of the Corporate Income Tax Act in the year 2022

Do you plan to start a business in Europe and want to know more about Slovenia tax? Slovenia one of the EU countries, where people start a business because of fairly low corporate income tax. ZDDPO-2 (Corporate Income Tax Act) now has quite a few changes, which will come into force in the year 2022. They will start on 1st January 2022. They will affect the tax base of the taxpayers. Those include the companies, institutes, and other organizations that pay the tax under this regulation.

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Slovenia tax – tax relief for donations

The changes for donations relate to the increase of tax relief for donations from 0.3% of taxable income to 1%. At the same time, donations for sports purposes are added to the additional relief, 0.2%. Until now, the relief under ZDDPO-2 has been only for cultural purposes and voluntary associations for the protection against natural and other disasters.

Tax relief for investing in the digital and green transition

The new relief in ZDDPO-2 will also enable an reduction of the tax base. This will be for the companies that invest in AI, cloud computing, technologies that are friendly for the environment, healthier transport, etc. The amount of Slovenia tax relief will be 40% of the invested amount.

Pension in Slovenia/EU

Slovenia tax – the employment tax relief

The current tax relief is for the employment of persons with a profession for which there are not enough staff on the labor market. The amount of the relief for these cases is 45% of that person’s salary for the first 24 months of the work. The new allowance, amounting to 55% of the salary for the first 24 months, in the ZDDP, will also be for the first employment of persons under 25 years of age.

The tax relief for using practical work in professional education

A major change in ZDDPO-2 is also in the relief for those who offer practical work as part of professional education. The 20% limit increased to 80% of the average salary of the workers in the Slovenia.

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Slovenia tax – the expenses for representing the company

There will also be an increase in the amount of the tax-deductible expenses for the lunches with the business partners and business gifts. It will increase from 50% to 60%.

The changes in the reservations

Provisions will also be recognized in 100% during the five-year transition period and not only in 50%, as it was until now.

Slovenia tax – the recognition of depreciation of the leased assets

The companies that have their assets under operating leases will be able to do the calculation of depreciation for business purposes as is prescribed by the VAT Act. By the year 2022, it will be levelled that the maximum yearly depreciation rate for leased assets is equal to the term of the contractual lease. We also post updates on all laws in Slovenia on our Facebook and Instagram.

Salary calculator in Slovenia/EU

The write-offs of the receivables

The taxpayers will get a tax-deductible write-off of the receivables as soon as they file for bankruptcy. Under the current law, they have to wait for a final court decision. Do you have a legal dilemma? Contact our legal experts for legal advice.

Withholding tax when paying for the services in “tax havens”

There is also an important change for tax deductions. There is list of countries where the income tax is lower than 12.5%.  The MoF and Slovenia tax office did post the list. Along with this list, they will also take into account the list of EU jurisdictions in Annex I of the EU Guidelines  They will not update it more than two times per year.

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