Tax relief for investments in Slovenia/EU

Tax relief for investments in SloveniaEU

Investments can be a form of tax relief for companies in Slovenia. The Slovenian Tax Office (FURS) has also issued a brochure on investment incentives, in which it precisely defines the assets that are the subject of the relief. As March is the month of tax declarations, we advise you to read below how you can reduce your corporate income tax base or personal income tax base with tax relief.

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How much is the tax relief for the investment and how to claim it?

The tax relief for the investment amounts to 40% of the amount invested in equipment and intangible assets. You can claim tax relief by reducing the tax base in the tax return, but only up to 37% of the tax base. The total reduction of the tax base is now limited to 63% of the tax base. A company that makes a profit must thus pay at least 7% tax (19% on a tax base of at least 37% of profits).

Which investments can you include in the tax relief?

The can apply for tax relief for:

  • equipment (computer equipment, machines, devices, tools),
  • electric or hybrid vehicles,
  • patents  and
  • licenses,

however, it does not apply to furniture, motor vehicles and rights to real estate.

When claiming a tax relief for motor vehicles, they must meet ecological standards, ie meet the emission requirements of EURO VI. A taxi driver who uses a hybrid car and smartphone to do his job will be able to claim them as a tax relief.

Is the reduced tax relief based on any condition?

The taxpayers may not dispose of the assets for which they claim the tax relief before the expiry of the 3-year period from the investment in the assets or before the expiry of the depreciation period of the assets, if this is less than three years.

The reduction of the tax base due to the application of the investment relief is excluded by the application of the relief for investments in research and development. It means that a person liable for the same equipment and intangible assets for which he has already applied for the R&D investment allowance cannot apply for the investment relief as well.

Also, you cannot use the tax relief for funds and equipment financed as grants (either from the state or EU budget).

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