Work permits issued hit record – Open a company in Slovenia!

Work permits issued hit record - Open a company in Slovenia!

Foreign workers – 54,000 applications last year, a new record this year!

Surprisingly, in July foreign workers made more than than an eighth of the labor force in Slovenia. The Employment Service expects a record number of applications for work permits by the end of the year. To stress, DATA does not employ. We provide services for registration a business in Slovenia! Does this interest you? Do you have any questions? If you want to find more about it, just call us on +386 40 530 718 (Viber/WhatsApp)! We will be happy to help.

More than 60,000 applications this year!

Moreover, the number of applications by foreign workers will certainly set a new record. In 2021, the Employment Service received 54 000 applications. The numbers will be even higher this year! How big is the expectation? What are the numbers? In reality, around 63 000 new applications. Why do the numbers grow? As a consequence, the numbers grow primarily because Slovenia lacks domestic workers. In fact, unemployment in September was record low. However, the Employment Service says that the entry of foreign workers create structural mismatch on the labor market. For instance, the Service issued 46 264 single permits for residence and work in Slovenia. As a result, it is going to issue around 55 000 permits this year.

By the way, DATA offers services for foreigners! As a result, not only do we help them to set up companies in Slovenia, we also help them with the procedures for residence and work permits in Slovenia. Does this interest you? If you need a reliable partner to register a company in Slovenia and recruit foreign workers, DATA is here to help you! Please call us on +386 40 530 718 (Viber/WhatsApp) and our experts will help you right away.

Call us on +386 40 530 718  (Viber/WhatsApp)!

Most work permits in the construction sector!

According to the Service data, most work permits and approvals so far this year are to employers in the construction sector. They amount to 40% of all. At the same time, they also get permits in manufacturing, transport and storage, catering and trade. Do you want to know which jobs are most in demand by foreign workers? The top job is bricklayer (almost 8000 permits), followed by truck and tractor drivers, welders, workers for simple work in high-rise construction and electrical installers. Foreign workers will continue to be “in demand” by Slovenian employers in the coming years. If you would like help in recruiting foreigners, please contact our Foreigners Department. Send us an email at

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Foreign workers make up more than an eighth of the labor force!

Lastly, the numbers of the Statistical Office say that foreign workers account for more than an eighth of the total number of people in employment in Slovenia (13.3%). The figure was 122,900. Of these, just under 17 000 were from EU countries and almost 106 000 from third countries. Slovenia has a very business friendly climate. It offers a lot of business opportunities! Use the advantages and start doing business in Slovenia! Contact DATA and our get the best accounting, legal, and business support. Also, please follow our Facebook profile to find more about our work!

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