Get VAT number – what is it, who needs it and why?

Get VAT number - what is it, who needs it and why?

If you want to do business in Slovenia, you need to get VAT number. This article will explore all the important information about it. Do you want to register a company in Slovenia? In essence, you can get VAT number at the Tax Administration. Firstly, you need to submit an application. You surely wonder who is taxable person? So, taxable persons are those who carry out activity, regardless of the legal form of organization (Ltd, s.p., co-owner, association, institute, etc.). Moreover, how do you apply? You need help? Does this interest you? Do you want to start a business in Slovenia? Don’t wait! Just call us on +386 40 530 718 (Viber/WhatsApp) or send us an email at data@data.siWe will be happy to help!

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What is a VAT number?

What does make VAT number? Usually, it is the person’s tax number and the SI suffixes before it. Moreover, the VAT number is assigned by a decision of the Tax Administration and is used for value added tax (VAT-1) purposes. It is correctly called the VAT identification number. In either case, do you want to know more about taxes in Slovenia? Perhaps salary calculator interests you? You can check our free custom calculator!

Why do you need it?

Fundamentally, taxable persons who are self-employed need a VAT identification number in the first place:

  • to be able to fulfil their obligation by correctly calculating the VAT due, and
  • to obtain the right to deduct (recover) the input VAT they pay or charge on purchases of goods and services.

Who else needs to get VAT number? Foreign companies and entrepreneurs require to get vat number if they carry out certain taxable activities in Slovenia. Do you know that there are some business incomes that are exempt from income tax? Do you know which are they? Check our last article! If you have any additional questions, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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When is a VAT number mandatory?

Do you know that VAT number can be also voluntary? We will see later about that. Now, to see when it is mandatory. So, it is usually mandatory for taxable persons established in Slovenia who:

  • expect a taxable turnover of more than €50,000 in any 12-month period (€7,500 applies to cadastral income),
  • make purchases of goods in other EU Member States for more than €10,000 in the current year,
  • supply services to clients (companies, entrepreneurs) in other EU Member States,
  • receive services from subcontractors or suppliers from abroad (inside or outside the EU),
  • provide (personal) services on the territory of EU countries to final consumers/typically natural persons
  • sell goods to final consumers at a distance to other EU Member States/online shops
  • sell electronic services to final consumers in other EU Member States/online shops

The taxable person can also choose voluntary identification, but it must be in the VAT system for at least 60 months (5 years). If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact us at!We will be happy to help!

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We are at the end. These are the basic conditions for you to get VAT number. Do you have any questions? Does the article help you? Do you plan to register a company in Slovenia, but you don’t know much about it? Don’t worry! We at DATA will he happy to help! Why? Because we are a company with more than 30 years of experience. We help entrepreneurs grow their businesses in Slovenia. Our experts provide quality business, tax, and legal services! Contact us and schedule a meeting! Start the new year ambitiously! Last but not least, if you want to follow the latest changes about business in Slovenia, follow our Facebook and LinkedIn pages!

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