EU travel with digital green certificate in Slovenia/EU

EU travel with digital green certificate in SloveniaEU

The European Commission is trying to find ways to enable EU travel during the times of the pandemic. They proposed a digital green certificate. This is to make the time during the COVID-19 measures easier. It would make EU travel easier, as the summer holidays are around the corner. As Slovenia is a part of the EU, it is also important to see how the certificate will make EU travel easier also for business people. If you are thinking about company registration and business in Europe, you can learn in which ways you would be able to visit Slovenia and EU in the near future.

A digital green certificate would make the EU travel easier

The digital green certificate would make it easier for people  to move freely within the EU during the pandemic. This would prove that the person:

  • received a vaccine against COVID-19;
  • received a negative test;
  • recovered from COVID-19

You can access the proposal here.

The certificate will not be a condition for free movement and EU travel

In Brussels, they point out that the digital green certificate will not be a condition for free movement. It will only make the crossing of the border more efficient and make it easier for holders to move in the EU. Our legal advisors would be able to advise on the contents as soon as it will officially be in place.

EU travel – in what form will the certificate be available?

The digital green certificate will be free. Also, it will be available in digital form. The holder will be able to keep it on his smartphone. It will also be available in paper form. It will contain a QR code for the security and authenticity of the certificate. The EU Commission will support the Member States in the technical use of the certificate. It will also set up a common EU-wide verification portal.

When will the certificate be revoked?

Even before the European Parliament and the Council decide if they will approve the certificate, it is also clear when it will be revoked. It is a temporary measure. It will cease to be applied when the World Health Organization declares the end of the health crisis due to the pandemic. During this time people would use it for EU travel.

Slovenia supports the certificate to make EU travel easier

Given its size, Slovenia can provide solutions faster than it is possible in the other EU states. This is the reason why Slovenia is already preparing the starting point for the content of the certificate. They are preparing the solutions and later they will harmonize it at the European level.

The certificate would encourage tourism and EU travel

This will not be a condition for free movement. It would only make EU travel easier by lifting quarantine (and testing). In this way, the countries with a strong tourism sector are working to promote tourism.

The issue that remains open

It is not yet known if the Russian or Chinese vaccine will be included in the certificate. Vaccines approved by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) are covered by the certificate. But, for example, some countries may recognize Sputnik V vaccine if they so choose.

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