Business activity of temporary employment agency

Business activity of temporary employment agency

If you are thinking about opening a company concentrating on finding suitable labor force for an employer, you can open a temporary employment agency in Slovenia. But it is a regulated business activity so you need to abide by specific regulations to provide such business in Slovenia.

Business activity of temporary employment agency in Slovenia

In order to start your business in Europe, you would have to register a company in Slovenia first. Non-EU citizens can open an LTD company in Slovenia.

Then to provide services of temporary employment agency, you firstly need to obtain service concession from the Ministry of Labor. The legal entity obtaining the service concession has to fulfill conditions about the appropriateness of the labor force, business premises, equipment etc.

To obtain the service concession, your company would have to prove financial and business capability. It has to have a positive financial report for the past two years and also have to have all taxes and salary obligations paid. If the company operates less than two years, it has to fulfill those conditions for the time since starting the business.

The application for obtaining concession as a temporary employment agency also has to include a detailed program of the part of the services the company will offer. The holder of the service concession has to report to the ministry about its business activity on a quarterly basis.

The temporary employment agency has to legal officers with at least VII. level of education. They have to have 2 years work experience and have passed the exam of professional competence.

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The service concession of temporary employment agency in Slovenia is granted for a limited period

The Ministry of Labor issues the service concession for a period up to three years. They also have a registry about granted concessions for temporary employment agencies.

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