Buying an existing company in Slovenia? Bad idea!

Buying an existing company in Slovenia? Bad idea!

Are you are thinking about buying an existing company in Slovenia? In this case, you should read this article. Some entrepreneurs, especially foreigners who want to start a business in Slovenia, think that the best option is to buy an existing company. They think they will benefit from it. They assume that they will avoid some procedures. Unfortunately, the truth is different. There are many disadvantages and dangers if you buy an existing company. In this article, we will describe possible pitfalls that you can fall into when buying a company.

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You are buying an existing company in Slovenia – additional costs

One of the first reasons why entrepreneurs decide to buy an existing company is to avoid costs. They mostly want to avoid depositing initial capital. When registering a LTD company, it is necessary to pay €7,500 in basic capital. Some think that they can avoid this by buying the company. This is not the case. The previous owners usually withdraw the initial capital. Only then do they sell the company. In order to avoid fines and for the company not to be capital inadequate, you will have to deposit €7,500 after buying the company. This is a big disadvantage because you have already spent money on the purchase of the company, the purchase fee and notary fees.

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A new danger – possible hidden debts

When you buy an existing company, you must also accept all previous debts. Of course, you can check some aspects of the company’s operations. But you can’t always check everything. In this case, the new owner would have to settle both existing debts. If you decide to open a new company in Slovenia, you don’t have this kind of problem. If you buy an existing business, you may have more expenses than you wanted. When you buy a business, you don’t always know what you’re going to get. In other words, you are buying a cat in a bag.

How to register your company in Slovenia?

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