Quickest company registration – where, how, and how quick?

Quickest company registration

Quickest company registration you can imagine. Do it with DATA experts. You can register a limited liability company here too. How long does it take? An LLC is registered in approximately a week. That is after you send a full application to the register court. What can you expect from the registration process?

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Register a company in Slovenia

Quickest company registration in case of an LLC

How does the process of opening a limited liability company go? In the first place you will need the documents. Of course we can help you with that. You can get the quickest company registration at a DATA point. The shareholder(s) have to attend the process. They need to bring their identification documents. In case they don’t own the place of their business address, they also need a permission statement from the landlord. When are entrepreneurs in a hurry to establish a company? Usually when the company is applying for a tender. In this case they need an entity to be able to apply. They can register a company in few days, from the day they visit the DATA point.

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Secondly, the shareholder signs all documents. Afterwards he can go to the bank. He then opens a temporary bank account. And deposits the founding capital. We arrange meeting with bank beforehand. This makes the process easier and quicker. After this step, the shareholder gets a certificate, saying that he has payed the deposit. He promptly gives it to the DATA expert. With it, we can send an application to the court. This is how the quickest company registration is done. The shareholder receives the decision on the company’s registration in the company register in a few days.

Open a business in Slovenia

Frequent mistakes during the process

When shareholders are looking for the quickest company registration process, mistakes can happen. Even though you might be in a hurry, you should come prepared. Get organized before visiting the DATA point. How to do that? Agree on:

  • the amount of founding capital;
  • name of the firm;
  • activities, including the main activity of the company;
  • naming one or more representatives.

Shareholders need to decide how they will determine the company’s profits. Furthermore, they need to anticipate the revenue and expenses fot the first business year. This thorough preparation is key for quickest company registration.

Register a company in Slovenia and employ yourself in it

Our experts can help you with the quickest company registration

The help of DATA experts is a big advantage when preparing for company registration. Our legal and accounting consultants will make the process easier.

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You can complete the fastet company registration after an individual consultation with a DATA expert. That will help you clear any dilemmas about opening a business. A DATA expert will also help you make a registration process plan. Business consutants at DATA have more than 30 years of experience. They can provide the best help possible. To go through the quickest company registration process, contact us!

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