Meal Reimbursement at work-Minimum and maximum amount

Meal Reimbursement at work-Minimum and maximum amount

Meal Reimbursement at work in Slovenia

Meal reimbursement at work- sounds pefect, right ? The employer must provide you with reimbursement of the costs of food during work. This includes transport to and from work as well. There is reimbursement of the costs in carrying out certain duties while at work . Does a worker benefit from reimbursement of food costs?

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Minimum and maximum amount of meal reimbursement

Article 130 of the Employment Relations Act (ZDR-1) applies that the employer is obliged to reimburse the worker for meal costs. What is the minimum and maximum amount for brunch? Find out more in the paragraphs below.

  • Public sector: for nutrition is the reimbursement of the cost of nutrition during work. The Declaring Decision provides that the amount of meal costs during work is 3,94 EUR .
  • Private sector : reimbursement of meal costs is also applied here. In the private sector, the amount of compensation depends on a collective agreement. The price amount of food compensation  while working may thus vary.

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  • Various collective agreements for reimbursement

The amount for meal reimbursement also depends on the collective agreement. The amount for consumption under the Collective Trade Agreement is 4.37 EUR per day.

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  • Tax-free meal amount

The allowable tax – free amount for consumption during work is 6.12 EUR . According to the Regulation on the tax of meal reimbursement some rules apply. When the employee is at work for at least 4 hours, meals are not counted in the tax base of 6.12 EUR.

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Home workers: meal reimbursement

Reimbursement of the cost of the meals applies also to home workes. When the worker is on hold for work, then this is not the same case. Namely, some other policies and rules apply in this regard.

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