Changing the name of your company in Slovenia, EU

Changing the name of your company in Slovenia, EU

Choosing a company name is one of the most important decisions you will make when doing business in Europe. The company name is the most visible part of your brand for the services of products you offer. But what happens if you later decide on another name and want to proceed to changing the company name?

Data d.o.o. has been offering support to entrepreneurs for over 28 years and can also assist in the process of changing the company name. In addition, we provide professional legal consultation so that you can be sure that your business in Slovenia is in accordance with the legislation. Our accountants can take care of your company’s business books and tax reports. We also provide services of virtual office in case your company needs a business address. You can register your company and change the company name in our office, as we are a licensed VEM point.

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The procedure of changing the company name in Slovenia, EU is simple

Non-EU citizens also have a possibility to register a company in Slovenia. They can open an LTD company with 7500€ founding capital. In the process of registration, the shareholders will have to choose a company name which they will include in the act of establishment.

But if you later decide that the name does not fit your needs, the process of changing it is not difficult. The shareholders will have to come to the VEM point, which is a licensed office that is allowed to perform company registration and also administer changes to the company’s establishment act. The procedure at the VEM point is fast and free-of-charge.

When the shareholders are at the office, they will have to sign an alteration of the company’s establishment act. With one-person LTD companies the change is administered into the electronic decree book. But with multi-person LTD companies, the consultant will prepare the needed documents for the changing of the company name.

In a few days, you will receive the decree of the new name to your company’s business address. Afterwards, it is important that you also notify your clients and business partners about the change.

When can you do the procedure at a VEM point and not at the notary?

The procedure at the VEM point is free-of-charge but is possible only for certain company types:

  • one-person LTD companies, that already have an electronic decree book,
  • multi-person LTD companies, that have the establishment act in the VEM form, not the notary form.

To put thing simple – if you have registered the company after 2008 and if you have not done the registration at the notary, but at a licensed VEM point, you can do the company name-changing at any VEM point free-of-charge.

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