Establish an LTD in Slovenia – useful advice

Establish an LTD in Slovenia

In this article, we will give you some useful advice on how to establish an LTD in Slovenia as a foreign citizen.

First of all, you must obtain relevant documents to establish an LTD in Slovenia:

With these documents, you can already establish an LTD in Slovenia. If there are several founders of the company (legal entity or natural person), every single one is required to obtain Slovenian VAT number and the certificate of non-criminal record in Slovenia. Our advisors can obtain the documents for you based on the power of attorney.

Starting capital

To establish an LTD in Slovenia you also have to deposit the starting capital. The minimum amount of your starting capital should be 7,500 EUR. In one LTD company in Slovenia, there can be up to 50 founders. You can spend the starting capital for the activities of your company or other costs that you might have. The costs of your company can be: salaries for your employees, investment in the fixed assets of your company, etc.

To establish a LTD in Slovenia you have to select your company’s activities

To establish a LTD in Slovenia, you will also have to specify the codes of all the activities of your company. It is especially relevant that you consult with a business consultant, that can help you with the selection. To establish a LTD in Slovenia, you have to choose one main activity. All the rest will be additional activities. The number of activities is unlimited. It is also very easy to add an activity to your company`s business later on when your company is already established.

You can register a company and select/add the activities at our “One-Stop Shop” point at our company “Data”. You can also register into social insurance funds at “One-Stop Shop” point and all the procedures will be free of charge. Our business experts will advise you and accompany you through the whole process. If you will need legal advice, we also can offer you legal consulting. It is recommended for a local legal professional to help you, because you as a foreign citizen, don`t know the Slovenian legislation.

This is not all! We can also offer you accounting services and a business address for your future company! All this in the capital of Slovenia – Ljubljana!

Establish an LTD in Slovenia and obtain a working and residence visa

The director/representative of the company, the employees, and their family members have the right to obtain a single work and residence permit in Slovenia. The company has to meet certain conditions first.

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