How to obtain a residence permit in Slovenia?

How to obtain a residence permit in Slovenia?

Many foreigners have posed the question how to obtain a residence permit in Slovenia. Foreign citizens, who have the desire to immigrate to Slovenia for long-term reasons (living, work, study, etc.), have to obtain a residence permit in Slovenia. The Republic of Slovenia can give a temporary residence permit to a foreign citizen but the application for the first residence permit in Slovenia has to be submitted at the Slovenian diplomatic representation or embassy in the country of the foreigner’s citizenship. If there are no Slovenian diplomatic representations in his/her country, the foreigner can submit the application at the nearest Slovenian embassy in another country.

In accordance with the current legislation, a foreign citizen, who will work/study in Slovenia in the future, will obtain a unique permit for residence and work that will allow him to work/study in Slovenia. The first unique permit for residence is issued for one year. After this period, he/she would have to prolong this permit, where the whole process has to be initiated one month before the expiry of the previous permit. The application for the prolongation has to be submitted based on the same terms as the first issue of the permit (based on either work or study. The only difference is that the applicant has to submit the documents for the prolongation in the Administrative Unit in Slovenia instead of the Slovenian embassy abroad.

Temporary residence permit in Slovenia

The temporary residence permit in Slovenia can be issued to:

  • Athletes and members of sports delegations
  • People, who will be involved in humanitarian activities in Slovenia
  • Journalists of foreign media
  • People, who would like to study in Slovenia – students, minors that are enrolled in compulsory education (from 5 years onwards)
  • People, who carry out research activities
  • People, who have obtained an EU blue card

If you do not fit into any of these categories, you can obtain a residence permit in Slovenia based on employment in a Slovenian company. In our experience, the most convenient way to obtain a unique permit for residence and employment is to open a company in Slovenia, where you would also be employed.

Advantages of opening a company in Slovenia

There are many advantages to opening your own company:

  • You are an independent entrepreneur
  • You have the option to completely develop and implement your business idea
  • You can individually make decisions about your work schedule and your personal income
  • You can employ your family members in the company, which can be a long-term investment for future generations

Bear in mind that with the company Data you are never alone! In Slovenia, there are many possibilities to create and expand business and in addition to that, we are located in the middle of the strongest countries in Europe. More than 50 specialists are employed here at Data – from the field of legislation, taxation, finance, accounting services, HR consulting, EU funds and grants, as well as marketing, where they take it upon themselves to make your business known and renowned in Slovenia and abroad. Everything depends on your wishes.

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