Types of companies in Slovenia that you can register

Types of companies in Slovenia that you can register

Types of companies in Slovenia for foreigners

Types of companies in Slovenia are numerous. However only the right strategy and decision will bring you success and growth. Have you decided to start your own business in Slovenia? What are the most common types of companies in Slovenia? Having a company abroad gives you wider options for starting a business. That means that you must decide between the type of company. Want to start a business but not sure what type of business to choose? Do you want to increase your profits and pay lower taxes on companies by choosing the right type of business? We are here to provide you all the answers. In this article, we will briefly explain all the different types of companies in Slovenia.

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Types of companies in Slovenia – Ltd

This is the most common type of company in Slovenia. It is a limited liability company, where the company is responsible for operations in the amount of invested founding capital. Owners and representatives can be of any nationality. To open this type of company you will need several documents. That is a Slovenian tax number for all owners and representatives and € 7,500 share capital. Also a business address in Slovenia and valid passports of all owners and representatives. Are you thinking of starting a company? Do also you need business advice? In this regard, Data company offers you full support.

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Types of companies in Slovenia – subsidiary

The subsidiary company is also one of the possibilities when we talk about the types of companies that you can establish in Slovenia. The owner is a legal entity, i.e. the parent company. This means that in this case you must already have an existing company abroad. To register a subsidiary you need some documents. Namely, you will need a Slovenian tax number. Also an excerpt from the business register of the parent company and founding capital of € 7,500 . Also you will need a business address in Slovenia, valid passport in the process of establishment. Are you ready to set up a business in Slovenia? You have a good idea? But you do not know how to implement it? All you have to do is to call us.

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Branch office in Slovenia

If you have an existing company abroad then you can also establish a company type branch in Slovenia. The branch is not an independent legal entity but is part of the parent company. You do not need share capital to register a branch. It also means that you must register the same business activity of your branch to which the parent company is registered. But what do you need to register a branch? All you have to do is to call us. You want to learn more about types of companies in Slovenia? You also have questions? And you want to be successful? Our team of 45 professionals will help you with different fields. They will help you with every question you might have for company registration in Slovenia. For getting the answers you can also apply on our free webinar here .

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