Minimum salary in Slovenia/EU – new amount

Minimum salary in SloveniaEU - new amount

The minimum salary in Slovenia for the year 2021 was published on 28 January 2021 in the Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia no. 12/2021. What is the amount? What are the changes?

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How is the minimum salary in Slovenia set this year?

The minimum salary is determined on the basis of a formula. It means that the minimum wage must exceed the amount of the calculated minimum cost of living by 20%. The Minimum Wage Act (ZMinP) explains the right to the minimum salary and its amount (in the gross amount). An employee has the right to at least the minimum salary for the work performed, at least in the amount of the minimum, if he works full time with the employer in the Republic of Slovenia. In the case of part-time work, the worker has the right to at least a share of the minimum wage.

Minimum salary in Slovenia in 2021

The minimum salary for 2021 is EUR 1,024.24 gross. The new, higher minimum wage should fully follow the European Union’s directions on the minimum wage. The basic purpose of it is to prevent in-work poverty and ensure a decent living environment.

What does the minimum salary include?

The elements of the salary, as stated in the Employment Relationships Act (ZDR-1), are the basic salary of the employee for a certain month and the part of the salary for work performance. However, the minimum wage does not include the allowances determined by the law and the by-laws, part of the salary for work performance and payments for business performance agreed in a collective agreement or the employment contract.

However, the allowances such as the allowance for night work, the allowance for work on Sunday and the allowance for work on holidays and days off according to the law do not make a part of the minimum wage.

Also, it is not possible to include in the minimum wage refund of expenses that the employer has to pay to the employee. This means refund of the expenses for meals during work, the transport to and from work, business trip expenses.  It can also mean other payment relationships (eg holiday pay, severance pay, long-service awards).

How does PKP8 affect the minimum wage?

PKP8 is a governmental support package during the pandemic. PKP8 says that the state will help the employers in two ways because of the raise of the minimum wage. From January to June 2021 with a subsidy of 50 EUR, and from July to December 2021 the minimum basis for calculating contributions will be equal to the minimum wage (1,024.24 euros).

In order to obtain the subsidy, the employers submit a statement through FURS. They have to state that they have calculated and paid the minimum salary to the employee. They also have to include the data from which the right to the subsidy comes from. You shall submit it electronically no later than at the end of the month for the subsidy for the previous month, but no later than the end of July 2021.

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