Register a company in Slovenia – legal instruction

Legal instructions for registering a company in Slovenia

How to register a company in Slovenia as a foreign citizen? Our legal advisors have prepared step-by-step instructions on how to register a company in Slovenia.

Firstly, it is good to know what you need to register a company in Slovenia.

For the company registration in Slovenia you will have to prepare the following documentation:

  • Choose the name of the company
  • Business address
  • The founders of the company have to receive the Slovenian VAT identification number and a certificate of non-criminal record
  • The list of the activities of your company in Slovenia
  • The denomination of the director of the company in Slovenia – can be any person
  • The minimum starting capital:
    • For LTD – 7.500 EUR
    • branch office – there is no authorized capital needed
    • subsidiary company – 7.500 EUR
    • private entrepreneur – there is no authorized capital needed

We advise to entrepreneurs to choose carefully the name of their company in Slovenia. To register a company in Slovenia, you must choose both a short and expanded name. The name also has to include the main activity of your company. The name of the company should also differ from the others already registered in the Slovenian judicial register. In addition, you can reserve the name of the company even before the preparation of the documentation at our “One-Stop Shop” (VEM) point.

The registration of the company in Slovenia at our offices is easy and free of charge. Contact us for a meeting!

What documents are needed for founders to register a company in Slovenia?

To register a company in Slovenia a natural person must receive the confirmation of non-criminal record in Slovenia. With the power of attorney we can obtain the confirmation for you. If you want to open a branch/representative office of your existing company, you will need to prepare an extract from the company register of the parent company with a notarized translation, a financial report for the previous year with a certified signature of the company director and a notarized translation, data on the parent company’s bank account and the charter of the company with a notarized translation. Most of the documents you also have to legalize in accordance with the Law on the legalization of documents. Our legal department can also advise you on the requirements for registration of the documents.

Accounting services

The company Data also provides accounting services. Do not worry and hand the accounting to our experts. They will also explain you everything about tax and contributions.

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