Trademark in EU and Slovenia: licensing and registration

trademark in eu

Trademark in EU and Slovenia

If you plan to do business in Europe you will most likely also sell something unique. Many business people decide to register a trademark in EU. It gives customers a sense of trust and also added value to a product. So, companies choose to register a trademark either at national, European or global level. This ensures that their brand is not misused. A company can allow another company to market its brand by entering into a license agreement. We suggest that you leave the preparation of such a contract to a legal expert.

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Trademark in EU: the benefits of the registration

A trademark in EU is one of the categories of intellectual property. This way, the owner protects his or her copyright from possible misuse by other persons. Without this consent, no one can use the trademark. What do you need to make sure if you plan to use a trademark?

But how can you open a web shop in Slovenia/EU?

License agreement

The Article 704 of the Code of Obligations regulates the license agreement. With it, the licensor assigns to the licensee in whole or in part the right to use the patent. You can also use it to protect the technical knowledge, logos, samples or models. Usually using it means that you need to make a payment to the owner of the license. How can you go ahead with the trademark in EU? The contract must be concluded in writing.

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Trademark in EU and royalty payment

You need to do a payment for the use of the trademark of other entities. As a rule, the license fee consists of a fixed and a variable part. You can agree to a fixed payment in a single amount, but you can also pay it on an annual basis.

So if you decide to put your brand for use by third parties, it also brings you a source of revenue for the company. The trademarks, designs, patents, as well as unregistered rights (trade secrets, copyrights) belong to the company’s intangible assets.

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