Long term rentals in Slovenia/EU: rental contract

Long term rentals in SloveniaEU rental contract

Long term rentals in Slovenia: how to prepare the rental contract?

Long term rentals in Slovenia are a popular choice for business in Europe. You can rent out residential property or commercial real estate. In order for foreign citizens to do business with purchasing real estate, they have to open a company in Slovenia. But if you plan to rent out the property as long term rentals in Slovenia, you would need a rental contract. It has to be in writing. Our legal experts recommend that you also conclude it at a notary. You can conclude it for a limited period or for an unlimited period. What does it consist of?

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What does the contract for long term rentals in Slovenia have to include?

The Housing Act (SZ-1) also determines the basic elements of the contract for long term rentals in Slovenia:

  • description of the apartment;
  • identification mark from the building cadastre;
  • name, surname and tax number of the owner;
  • name and surname of the tenant;
  • reasons for dismissal stated in Article 103 of the Law on Housing;
  • type of lease by categories of the property for long term rental in Slovenia
  • provisions on mutual obligations of the contracting parties;
  • the amount of rent and the manner and terms of payment;
  • method of payment and the amount of costs that are not included in the rent, and relate to the costs of supplied electricity, water, district heating and the like;
  • provisions on the manner of use of the apartment and in what way and in what time periods the owner will also check the correct use of the apartment;
  • duration of the tenancy
  • manner of handing over the apartment.

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The ending of the tenancy

If you conclude the contract for a limited period, it will expire on a certain date. The tenant can end the contract with a notice period of 90 days. He has to do it in writing. It is also possible to have a shorter notice period, but for that you have to conclude an mutual agreement on the ending of the long term rental in Slovenia. You as the owner can only end the contract if the blame is on the side of the tenant. The notice period cannot be shorter than 90 days in this case. In case of more updates when it comes to long term rental in Slovenia,  follow us on our Facebook and Instagram.

Extending long term rentals in Slovenia: contract with a limited time period

If the tenant wants to extend the lease, he has to inform the owner of the property. He has to do it at least 30 days before the end of the rental contract. In this case, the parties have to conclude an annex for the extension. If the tenant continues to use the real estate after the contract ended and the owner does not submit a request to leave the premises, it means that the contract is renewed for an unlimited time period.

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Why is it good conclude the rental agreement in form of the notarial deed?

It is in the owner’s interest to have a tenant who also regularly pays the rent and uses the property in accordance with the contract. If the lease agreement for long term rentals in Slovenia is concluded in the form of a notarial deed, the landlord has a direct possibility of execution in court in case of non-payment of rent.

However, if the lease agreement is not concluded in the form of a notarial deed, a lawsuit is required, which can last several months. In order to leave the  premises and hand them over for execution, it is necessary to obtain a final court decision.


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