Shareholder in an LTD company in Slovenia, EU

Shareholder in an LTD company in Slovenia, EU

One of the most frequently asked questions of foreign entrepreneurs who do business in Slovenia is what is the difference between shareholder and representative in a company in Slovenia. They are also keen to know who can become a shareholder and whether there are any age or nationality restrictions for shareholders in Slovenia.

Data d.o.o. is one of the leading companies that offers support to entrepreneurs starting their business in Europe through company registration in Slovenia. Also, we provide professional accounting service and tax consultation. We have our own legal department that can help you to understand the rights and responsibilities of shareholders in Slovenia.

What is the definition of a shareholder in Slovenia?

A LTD company is a limited liability company. This means that to establish it, you would need to provide share capital. Those who provide the capital for the registration are shareholders. The minimal amount of share capital you require to register an LTD company is 7500€. An LTD company has to have at least 1 shareholder, but there can be several and each one decides what percentage of the company’s shares they will own.

Are there any restrictions to becoming a shareholder in Slovenia?

A shareholder can be an EU or non-EU citizen, who is older than 18 years. When registering the LTD company in Slovenia, he has to present a Slovenian tax number.

A shareholder cannot be a person who:

  • was convicted of a crime connected to the economy and has a criminal record with Slovenian Ministry of Justice,
  • has been publicly listed in the registry for not submitting tax reports in the last 12 months,
  • was at least a 25% owner of company that did not submit tax reports in the last 12 months,
  • received a penalty from the Slovenian Labor Inspection for undeclared work at least twice in the last 3 years,
  • was at least 50% owner of a company that was erased from the business registry of Slovenia without liquidation.

Also, you cannot become shareholder of a new LTD company in Slovenia, if you already opened an LTD company in the last three months.

I want to know more about company registration in Slovenia, EU

Can a shareholder be legal entity or does it have to be a natural person?

You can decide to establish a company as a natural person. But if you have an existing LTD company abroad, that company can also be a shareholder in the Slovenian company. In this case it would mean that you would be opening a subsidiary. The foreign legal entity also needs a Slovenian tax number and in the process of company registration the parent company’s representative would have to be present.

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