Shareholder in an LTD company in Slovenia, EU

Shareholder in an LTD company in Slovenia, EU

If you have been considering company registration in Slovenia, you also probably thought about the responsibilities of a shareholder. We will be explaining who can be a shareholder and what he or she is responsible for.

Shareholder in an LTD company in Slovenia, EU – what is an LTD company?

An LTD company is private company with limited liability. It has to have at least 1 shareholder and 1 representative but it can also have more than one. The company is responsible for business conduct with the amount of the founding capital. In Slovenia, the minimal founding capital for an LTD company is 7.500 €.

The shareholder of the company is the person who provides the funds for company establishment and is the owner of the company. Whereas the legal representative is the person, who is in charge of running the company – signing agreements, overseeing the financials. After company registration that person will be in charge of doing business in Europe.

Who can be a shareholder in an LTD company in Slovenia, EU?

A shareholder can be an EU or non-EU citizen, who is older than 18 years. When registering the LTD company in Slovenia, he has to present a Slovenian tax number.

A shareholder cannot be a person who:

  • was convicted of a crime connected to the economy and has a criminal record with Slovenian Ministry of Justice,
  • has been publicly listed in the registry for not submitting tax reports in the last 12 months,
  • has been at least a 25% owner of company that is listed in the registry for not submitting tax reports in the last 12 months,
  • received a penalty from the Slovenian Labor Inspection for undeclared work at least twice in the last 3 years,
  • was at least 50% owner of a company that was erased from the business registry of Slovenia without liquidation.

Also, you cannot become shareholder of a new LTD company in Slovenia, if you already opened an LTD company in the last three months.

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Process of opening an LTD company in Slovenia, EU and becoming a shareholder

If you have decided to become a shareholder, you can open a new LTD company in Slovenia. For that you need founding capital of at least 7.500€. Additionally, all shareholders and representatives have to obtain a Slovenian tax number. When registering the company, you also need to present a business address in Slovenia.

When you have all those documents, you need to come to Slovenia for at least 2 weeks to register the company. In that time, you sign the act of establishment and decide on the company’s business activities. Then you go to the bank, where you open a temporary bank account. There, you deposit the founding capital 7.500 € either in cash or through bank transfer from your personal bank account. When you do that, the court registers the company in 3-5 business days. Then the only remaining thing you have to do is to open a permanent bank account. Once you have done it, you can proceed to doing your company’s business in Slovenia.

Register an LTD company with the help of Data!

If you have decided to open a company in Slovenia, Data will happily offer full support in the process. We can obtain the Slovenian tax number for shareholders and representatives through power of attorney.

You can also sign the company establishment documents at our VEM/SPOT point free of charge.

We also provide legal consultation in order to understand the responsibilities of the shareholder and other matters related to Slovenian legislation. The legal department can also draft contracts for your company.

Data also provides accountancy services and tax consultation.

If your company needs a business address, we can offer services of virtual office.

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