Companies in Slovenia/EU with foreign ownership

Companies in SloveniaEU with foreign ownership

Companies in Slovenia with foreign ownership

Companies in Slovenia which have foreign owners are very important for the country’s economy. They add up to 5,5% of all companies in Slovenia. Mostly those are micro-companies (84%) and 1,3% are large companies. This means that Slovenia has become very popular for doing business in Europe. Take part and become one of these owners and open a company in Slovenia! Learn more about it in this article.

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Statistics of companies in Slovenia

How about some statistics? There are 149.024 active companies in Slovenia that carry out non-finance activities. Among them, there were 8.205 (or 5,5%) companies where the owners are foreigners. They made more than a quarter of the entire added value of Slovenia. Also, they are very vital for the economy. They employ more than a quarter of all workers. Also, they, did almost a third of all income from sales and investments in Slovenia.

They are mostly micro-companies, which means that they employ up to 9 people.

Companies in Slovenia: how can you open a web shop?

Why do foreign citizens choose Slovenia?

This increase means that Slovenia is very popular for business in Europe. But why? This is due to good location in the EU and because of an increase in the GDP. Also, because it has one of the most easy paths to set up a business. Also, it allows for a very easy way to move to Slovenia in comparison from countries in the region. It is also a very safe country and very fluent in English.

If you are still choosing a place for your business, choose Slovenia as it will be a great fit. Become one of the owners of companies in Slovenia! We provide news on business also on our Facebook  and Instagram. So make sure to follow us on our social media!

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