Obtaining a permanent residence permit in Slovenia

Obtaining a permanent residence permit in Slovenia

After five years of living in the territory of Slovenia, you can apply for permanent residence permit in Slovenia. Temporary residence permit has to be prolonged every year.

Conditions for obtaining residence permit in Slovenia for the citizens from Third Countries

Also a citizen of a third country can obtain permanent residence with unlimited date of validation, if he is located in Slovenia based on the temporary residence permit, without interruptions in the last five years. Also person must satisfy conditions for obtaining temporary residence permit which are described in The Law for Foreigners, for example the gap between two temporary residence permits must not be longer than 10 months in five years or 6 months together.

The rights for person who obtained permanent residence permit in Slovenia

In 8 days after obtaining permanent residence in Slovenia a person must register himself on a permanent address in administrative unit.

After obtaining a permanent residence permit in Slovenia, you have the same rights as a citizen of Slovenia, but you can’t obtain real estate as a natural person and you don’t have the right to vote.

Permanent residence does not give you any advantages and does not limit you in taxation.

When you obtain a status of permanent resident, you do not have to obtain or renew a work permit. You will have a free access to the labor market in Slovenia. You can also be unemployed, but in this case you have to be under support of Slovenian Employment office (ZRSZ).

Five years after obtaining permanent residence in Slovenia, you have the right to apply for Slovenian citizenship.

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