GDP of Slovenia – favorable forecast for entrepreneurship

GDP of Slovenia - favorable forecast for entrepreneurship

According to the information of the European commission, the gross domestic product or GDP of Slovenia in 2017 experienced one of the fastest growth rates in the European Union.

GDP of Slovenia – rapid growth rate is a good indicator for business in Slovenia

Because of the rapid growth rate in 2017, this reflects to business conduct for this year, so in 2018. Five or even six percent growth rate of GDP in Slovenia in the last quarter is an indicator of high and expansive growth for the country. The European commission even predicts the third fastest growth rate of GDP of Slovenia from the EU member states for the year 2018 and fourth fastest for the year 2019.

GDP of Slovenia – export was higher by one tenth in 2017

In the year 2017, the actual export in Slovenia grew for more than 10%. The majority of the growth was in the Eurozone. The growth of export of the service sector also grew at a 9% rate.

Slovenia did most of its export in the past year to trade partners from the EU – Germany, Italy, Austria and Croatia. Nevertheless, import from other countries represents a 55% share. In the past year, the import of products increased for more than 10%, while importing services increased for more than 6%.

GDP of Slovenia – take advantage of economic growth and open a company in Slovenia

If you plan on opening or expanding your business in Europe, take advantage of the GDP growth of Slovenia and open a company in Slovenia.

As a non-EU citizen, you can open an LTD company. It is a very fast and straightforward procedure. You need to come to Slovenia for about 2 weeks to finalize all procedures. You would need to obtain a Slovenian tax number and business address in Slovenia. Additionally, you need founding capital 7.500€, which you can late ruse for business expenses.

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