Comparing company types in Slovenia – LTD company and branch office

Comparing company types in Slovenia – LTD company and branch office

Slovenia is one of the countries that successfully overcame the COVID-19 epidemic. Business in Slovenia is resuming and starting a business here gives you an opportunity to engage in business in Europe as well. As the epidemic was so short, prognosis for business growth are better than for other EU countries. Depending on your experience with business, you can register various company types. We will be comparing which company types you can register in Slovenia and how the procedures differ.

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Data d.o.o. has been offering support to local and foreign entrepreneurs in Slovenia with company registration in Slovenia. We also provide professional accounting services. Additionally, we also have a specialized legal department that supports business owners with every aspect of business Slovenian legislation. They can also assist you in comparing the legislative differences of each company type. You can also follow us on Facebook.

Comparing company types in Slovenia – LTD company

The most common company type you can register in Slovenia is LTD company. It is a limited liability company. Comparing it to branch office, it is a separate and independent legal entity. You would require 7500€ share capital to register it. Additionally, the shareholders and representatives require Slovenian tax numbers before company registration. Your company would also require a business address in Slovenia. DATA consultants can support you in obtaining the documents as well as in the actual procedure of company registration.

Within a LTD company, the shareholder can either be a natural person or a legal entity. Comparing the distinctions between them, the most obvious one is that the owner of the company in one case is an individual, while in the other – another foreign company. Within both companies you can register the same business activities and the documentation you require is almost entirely the same.

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Comparing company types in Slovenia – branch office

Experienced entrepreneurs can also decide to register a branch office in Slovenia. Comparing it to LTD company, the main difference is that it is not a separate legal entity. It is entirely dependent on the parent company. Also, it can only offer the same business activities as the parent company. Comparing it to LTD company, it does not require share capital for registration. The procedure of registration also differs, as only the notary can register the branch office based on the parent company’s documentation. DATA consultants can prepare the documentation and also register the branch on your behalf. Regardless of which company type you decide to register, we can guide you and support you in the process to help you make the right decision.

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