EU Blue Card and family reunification in Slovenia

EU Blue Card and family reunification in Slovenia

EU Blue Card

The EU Blue Card and family reunification is very good chance if you want to live and work in Slovenia.   The EU Blue Card is the only residence and work permit based on highly qualified education. Based on the EU Blue Card, foreign nationals can be employed in highly professional jobs. And also move to and work in the EU with their family members. It is issued for three months longer than the valid employment contract, and for a maximum of two years. It can be extended for a maximum of three years. Family reunification is also possible on the basis of the EU BLUE CARD. Obtaining an EU BLUE CARD is the simplest based on the registration of a company in Slovenia.

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Company registration in Slovenia and employment based on the EU Blue Card

With the opening of a company in Slovenia, you can get a work and residence permit for yourself. And for foreign nationals who want to work in your company. As well as to reunite family members. Natural persons in Slovenia usually open a limited liability company. While legal entities open a daughter company or branch. With Slovenia’s entry into the EU, new chances open up for entrepreneurs. Operating in Slovenia to expand their business to the European market. In the last 25 years, Europe has become one of the most attractive places to live and do business due to its single square.

A newly established company in Slovenia can also employ foreign citizens with higher education, university degree, master’s degree or doctorate who have an EU BLUE CARD. The EU Blue Card allows you to travel and work in the EU.

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Family reunification and EU blue card based on company registration

If you also want to stay in Slovenia for employment, you must obtain a single work and residence permit. The single permit allows foreign citizens to work and stay in the territory of the Republic of Slovenia. The single permit combines two permits: a residence permit and a work permit.

The fastest and easiest way to reunite a family is to start a company in Slovenia. The conditions are as follows:

  • both partners are also employed in the company, family reunification is possible immediately.
  • only one of the partners works in the established company. Family reunification is possible after two years.
  • both partners receive a work and residence permit. They can also bring minor children with them.
  • If the children are of legal age, they can work in the company on the basis of a work and residence permit. Or if they receive student status to continue their studies.
  • If the children have to go to school and one partner has a work and residence permit, he can bring his children to school on the basis of enrollment. Want to know more about EU blue card?

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