Regulated company activities in Slovenia

Regulated company activities in Slovenia

Regulated company activities in Slovenia require the fulfillment of specific conditions, which the company or the entrepreneur have to complete, before the company or entrepreneur can provide services for those activities.

Regulated company activities in Slovenia

These conditions may be limited to the level or type of education as an alternative to the national professional qualifications, or require a special authorization or an entry into the special registry of the government agencies or ministries. In order to exercise these activities, special conditions may be required, such as a specific space where the activity is performed or providing appropriate equipment in order to perform these activities.

Regulated company activities in Slovenia may require special licenses, concession or certificates. The requirements may apply to a company as a whole or to individual operators – employees. In order to perform certain activities that are considered regulated in Slovenia, it is also necessary (with pre-defined exceptions) that the company or the entrepreneur has only these specific activities registered. Such, for example, are legal services, or the activities of insurance agencies. Some of them can only be registered in certain legal forms, such as a private limited company (LTD).

The entrepreneur of the activity, which is considered to be regulated in Slovenia, can enter them into their business line whenever; already during the process of company registration or when making changes in the charter of the company, which can be done free of charge at our One-Stop-Shop.

Regulated company activities in Slovenia cannot be performed and the entrepreneur cannot bill clients for these activities as long as the company does not fulfill the requirements of the regulated activity. Financial inspectors perform the control of the invoices and the compliance with the terms of the regulated activities. Specific government bodies (such as ministries, departments, inspections) are in charge of the control of the regulated activities, which the company has to abide by.

If you are interested in opening a company with activities that are considered to be regulated, you can turn to our specialists and they can offer consultation in the process from beginning to end. They can also assist you to obtain the documents that are necessary for regulated company activities in Slovenia.

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