How to select a correct name for your company in Slovenia?

How to select a correct name for your company in Slovenia?

When you decide for business immigration and to open a company in Slovenia, you have to find a suitable name for your company.

The name of a Slovenian company has to be in Slovenian language. The name may only have Slovenian letters, which are found in the Slovene alphabet.

The name name for your company can be in foreign language

The name of the company can be in foreign language only in next cases:

  1. If you use name or last name of the owner
  2. If you use a brand name (it has to be a registered name)
  3. If the name consists of imaginary words with no meaning in any living language, all the letters have to be in Slovene alphabet.
  4. If the name consists of words from dead languages (like Latin).

We can give you advice or help you choose a correct name for your company. When you decide for a name, we will check the name with the court. After the court confirmation, the name is reserved for 12 months.

Make a decision to register a company in our point of VEM and together with our consultant you will choose the name that will be in accordance with the new legislation, and will be attractive and recognizable for your business partners and customers.

To get more information please contact our consultants directly via phone +386 1 6006 270, Viber/WhatsApp: +386 40 530 718 or via email Follow us on Facebook.

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