Buy a company in Slovenia? Think twice!


Buy a company in Slovenia?

Buying a company in Slovenia is tempting for entrepreneurs because they think that it is easier to obtain work and residence permit for foreign workers. Actually to buy a company in Slovenia is not that simple as it looks.

On the other hand, opening a company in Slovenia is easier then you might think. It is wise to have good advisers at the begining who understand foreign entrepreneuersOur consultants in Data d.o.o. will offer you full support in the whole process of company registration. For more information write us on [email protected] or call us on +386 65 602 299 (Viber/WhatsApp). We can also provide you with useful information why we advise against buying a company.

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Hidden debts

If you buy a company in Slovenia you also accept all existing debts. You can check some aspects of company business, but unfortunatelly you cannot check everything. Which means that new owner has to settle all existing debts. If you choose to open a new company in Slovenia, you can be convinced that you would not have problems of that kind. If you buy an existing company you can have more expenses than you wanted. When you buy a company in Slovenia you don’t know what will you get.

Moreover, new owner also accepts lack of foudation capital. That means that previous owner withdrew capital of the company before sale. The new owner has to deposit required foundation capital of 7.500 EUR, because without it the company is financially incapable. Think twice if you want to buy a company in Slovenia!

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Permits for foreign citizens

If you buy a company in Slovenia you can face another complication. The company can have certain limitations due to inappropriatelly doing business or penalties. If company has violated regulations of Foreigners Act, company can face prohibition for obtaining work and residence permit for foreigners. Which means that it can happen that you buy a company but then cannot hire non-EU citizens. If your goal is to also do business in other EU countries and obtain work and residence permit in Slovenia, we advise you to open a new company and have a clean start without unexpected problems.

For more information call us on +386 65 602 299 (Viber/WhatsApp) or write on [email protected]

Buying a company in Slovenia – expenses

You also have to take into consideration expenses that you will have if you buy a company in Slovenia:

  • notary expenses
  • court interpreter for translation of the documents in the process of change of ownership
  • finding the witnesses, who speaks slovenian language and are citizens of Slovenia
  • providing a foundation capital
  • possible complications regarding business bank account, because banks are mistrustfull when it comes to change of ownership. Bank can close the existing account without any explanations.

Why not opening a new company in Slovenia and avoid risks?

Company DATA has 28 years of experience with establishment of a companies in Slovenia. Furthermore, we have clients from almost every country in the world. In particular, our team of experts is specialised for company formation of any size and form. Our experts in DATA can help you with all necessary procedures for opening a company and obtaing work and residence permit in Slovenia. Our legal and tax experts can offer you support and guide you through process of business migration in Slovenia. Contact them on [email protected].

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