Entrepreneur in Slovenia – start your own business

Entrepreneur in Slovenia - start your own business

Entrepreneur in Slovenia – what it takes for success

Entrepreneur in Slovenia is starting and organising business of their own in order to access  the market and make profit. The success of your business mostly depends on you and your personality. To become an entrepreneur one has to possess certain knowledge and skills, be responsible, disciplined, dedicated and persistent. Knowledge can help you in certain area of business, but it is on entrepreneur to decide what activity he wants to perform. You possess knowledge, abilities and skills, but you have trouble with developing a business and don’t know to start? Our experts in Data Ltd. can help you with first steps to become an entrepreneur.

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Entrepreneur in Slovenia and significance of a good team

If you have an idea on starting a business that you constantly think about, entrepreneurship in Slovenia can be a solution for you. Courageously start with realization of your idea, but have in mind how precious is to have a good team of experts. Every successful entrepreneur can tell you how important it is to have a team of experts to offer you professional advise when needed. Without true business partners entrepreneur in Slovenia can face complications and incovenience. Beginners mistakes are mostly consequence of ignorance of the legislation in Slovenia. Our experts in Data Ltd. offer help to foreign entrepreneurs with their wide knowledge and experience. Every memeber of our team has experience due to longtime work and comunication with foreigners and foreign companies. Only together we can find right solutions for challenges you face on your entrepreneurial pursuit.

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From nothing comes nothing

Entrepreneur in Slovenia can not start from nothing. You need foundation capital for establishing a company in Slovenia. For establish a private limited company – Ltd., you have to acquire a minimal foundation capital of 7.500 EUR. If you already have a company, you can establish a branch office in Slovenia without foundation capital. Regardless of business formation you decide to establish, you will need help of tax and legal expert. Mission of Data Ltd. company is based on offering help and assistance to foreign entrepreneurs in starting their own business. That is why our clients has their own consultant, who is on their disposal. When facing a dilemma, our clients are welcome to come on our company location for advise. Regardless of the stage company is in, entrepreneur has to be in contact with their consultant regularly. That is the best recipe for avoiding complications and incovience.

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Entrepreneurship in Slovenia and business trends

Over the last few years, the interest  for being an entrepreneur in Slovenia have grown significantly. Most of the entrepreneurs successfully established companies and expanded their business in other countries of EU. According to slovenian statistical office in 2019 was 205.139 companies active, which is 2,5 % more in comparison to year 2018. All business indicators point that entrepreneurship is on the rise: more companies are created, employment rate is lower and higher the profits of the companies.

Be brave to do what you love to do and what you are good at. Become an entrepreneur.

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