Popular activities in Slovenia/EU for business

Popular activities in Slovenia EU for business

Popular activities in Slovenia for business – what are they?

Popular activities in Slovenia for business are often in the interest of people who want to open a company in Slovenia. Do you want to know which type of activity is the most promising and which form of company is most often opened in the country? Slovenia is a popular choice for business in Europe. This is mainly because it is a part of the EU and that enables the company to do works in other EU countries as well. In that article, we explain to you which are the popular activities in Slovenia for business. We also explain if you need to follow any special rules to carry them out.

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Popular activities in Slovenia – transport

Transport of goods by vehicles weighing more than 3.5 tons is still one of the most popular activities in Slovenia. Usually, people tend to open a LTD company when they want to do the business of transport in EU. You need the initial capital of the company, which in the transport business is 9000 EUR for the first vehicle and 5000 EUR for each one after that. You would also need a business address, an office. And you also need to obtain a license. What do you need to fulfill?

  • you need to have a good reputation – impunity,
  • a good financial position,
  • have a worker who is a transport manager,
  • you need to own or rent at least one vehicle registered in the Republic of Slovenia for your type of transport,
  • paid all taxes
  • you need to meet the rules related to the company’s office (business premises, equipment, storage of documentation).

What is an important part to do one of the most popular activities in Slovenia? In order to obtain a transport license, the company needs to rent or own one business premises.

The size of the office depends on the number of vehicles that the company owns.
You must also publish the working hours in a visible place. And you need to have the work hours at least 6 hours a day.
In the office, the company must keep records of staff, accounting and business documents.  You must also keep the documents about the data on the driving and rest time.

But how can you open a web shop in Slovenia/EU?

A popular business choice is also construction

In addition to transport, construction is also one of the popular activities in Slovenia for business. But here you need to follow some conditions. You need to provide a project leader and a construction leader. This does not apply if your company does the works of the final construction stages. You must also have liability insurance.

Also, you must have a full-time or part-time work contract with at least one worker, who will be the project manager. In addition, you must have a construction manager at each building site. You must employ this worker and they have to meet the conditions for this specific job.

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