Company director in Slovenia/EU: rights and obligations

Company director in SloveniaEU rights and obligations

Company director in Slovenia: who can you appoint?

If you are starting a new business in Europe and have chosen Slovenia, you would need to do the company registration. That would require a shareholder and a company director in Slovenia. It can be just one person. As  a shareholder, you can also later decide to change the director. You can also add someone new. Who has to do the procedure? Who can become a company director in Slovenia? What rights and obligations does it bring? Our legal experts explain it in the article.

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What is joint or individual representation?

Can there be more than one director? Yes, it is possible. Act of establishment or articles of association will include also the data for the company director in Slovenia. If there will be more than one director, you would need to state if the company director will have joint or single represenation. This means if his or her signature is also enough for the contract to be valid.

Who can become a company director in Slovenia?

What is the process to become a director? Any person over the age of 18 years can become a company director in Slovenia. In the process, you will also sign a statement where you:

  • state that you agree to this function in the company,
  • and that there are no obstacles to becoming a director according to the second paragraph of the 255th article of the Companies Act.

The court checks if the data that you provided is in fact correct.

Pension in Slovenia/EU

Are there any limtations in order to become a company director in Slovenia?

Who can become a director? The company director can be any natural person with a legal capacity. The exceptions are only these:

  • if that person is already in the managing board of this same company,
  • or if he or she has been convicted of an offense against the economy, labor law or social security. Here, the person cannot be a company director in Slovenia in 5 years from the verdict becoming final and after 2 years of serving a jail sentence,
  • or if he or she received a safety measure to do this function,
  • and lastly, if the person was a part of the managing board of a company that is in the bankruptcy process and received a final verdict on having to pay the creditors. It is valid for 2 years since getting the final verdict.

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What are the rights of the company director?

What are the benefits and what are the rights? A company director in Slovenia can be a person who leads the company. He or she is liable for the business. He or she can make all the decisions for the company and agree on all the business that the company has with the third parties. There can be more then one director of the company. Also, you can appoint a procurator. Also, we post all updates on our Facebook and Instagram.

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What are the benefits for foreign citizens?

Can the non-EU citizens also be directors? Yes, of course they can! If the company has a foreign director, that person has an easier way to obtain a work and residence permit for Slovenia. This is because the person does not have to pass labor market control. But in order for a director, who is not an EU-citizen, to do the business immigration,  the company has to show the active business conduct.

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