NFT tokens – Slovenia first to issue them

NFT tokens - Slovenia first to issue them

NFT tokens are becoming very popular

NFT tokens – stimulate and boost the development of economy and tourism. This magnificent event is going to take place at the  international exhibition in Dubai with the introduction of these tokens.

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NFT tokens – promote the Slovenian economy

NFT tokens are the first collection of tokens  that  boost Slovenian tourism and the economy. Every visitor to the Slovenian pavilion in Dubai is going receive them as a gift. The visitor is going to have a possibility to create a digital wallet .This wallet will be on Slovenian blockchain technology. This huge achievement is to promote the economy and tourism in Slovenia.

But how can you open a web shop in Slovenia/EU?

A NFT token is stored in a digital book known as a blockchain. A unique identification appends to the record. Then it begins with creating NFT tokens record the date of creation. Each token is so unique and comes with a digital certificate . The holder of this certificate demonstrates ownership of the work. NFT token cannot be directly replaced by another token. This happens because it is not the same as any other token. The token is always in transmission. This is where it differs from other cryptocurrencies. Thus, FURS recently proposed a change in taxation.

 The general use of tokens

NFT tokens are for many purposes. They represent photos, videos, audio, and other types of digital files. The NFT market is developing very fast. It is an excellent way to present digital art products and services in the field of economy. NFT is also very useful for licenses and intellectual property. The first tweet and the source code of the internet is also being produced. A lot of companies are choosing to enter the token market . Fashion duo Dolce and Gabbana have released their NFT tokens collection of digital clothing, among other things.

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