Transportation of goods in Slovenia, Europe

Transportation of goods in Slovenia, Europe

Have you been thinking about opening a company dealing with transportation of goods and offering your services in Europe? Then you will have to learn about you would need to have within the company to provide these services in accordance to Slovenian legislation.

Transportation of goods in Slovenia, Europe – company registration

If you plan on doing business in Slovenia by offering services of transportation of goods, you would need to open a company. A non-EU citizen can open an LTD company with 7.500€ founding capital. The process takes around 1 month to complete and requires your physical presence in Slovenia. Additionally, you will also need to provide Slovenian tax numbers for all shareholders and representatives. The company also needs a business address in Slovenia.

Once the company is active you can start doing business in Europe.

What does a driver have to present when doing transportation of goods?

When doing transportation of goods, the driver has to have present certain documents in order to carry out the transportation in accordance to Slovenian legislation.

He has to present the license for transportation of the company for which he is doing the transportation. It is an official document which the holder of the business activity has to obtain before starting to offer transportation of goods as a business activity.

He also needs a valid driving license proving that he has the appropriate qualifications for driving a certain type of vehicle.

The driver also has to prove that he has the right to drive this vehicle. In case he is not the owner of the vehicle he has to present contract of purchase, rent or leasing, etc.

If the driver is not an EU citizen, he has to have a certificate of one of the EU member states (where the company is located) that the driver is working with that company in accordance to the labor legislation. This is regulated within the Regulation 1072/2009/ES.

When doing international transportation, he will also have to present all permits, if they are required for such transportation either by international agreements or by laws valid in the Republic of Slovenia.

What does the driver have to present when doing transportation of dangerous goods?

In addition to the items mentioned in the previous paragraph, the driver also has to present additional documents.

He needs to present transport documents, certificate of the competence of the driver to transport dangerous goods and instructions on how to act in case of accidents. Additionally, he needs to present the permit for transportations (for explosives and radioactive goods). He would also need a certificate for the vehicle (“at”, “fl”, “ox” for tanks, “ex”, “ii”, “ex”, “iii” for explosives). Also, he would also need to present additional equipment of the vehicle.

What does the driver have to have in the vehicle to show compliance with mandatory driving time, rest and breaks?

In case of inspection the driver has to present certain documents to show compliance with the driving times.

In case of an analogue tachograph he has to present record sheets from the tachograph for the current day and all those he used in the last 28 days. He needs to present the card of the driver, if he has one. Additionally, he has to present all manual records, made in the current week and for the past 28 days. These regulations are stated in the Regulation (ES) nr. 165/2014 and Regulation (ES) nr. 561/2006.

In case of using a digital tachograph, he would have to present the card of the driver, all manual records, made in the current week and for the past 28 days, record sheets from the tachograph all manual records, made in the current week and for the past 28 days that he used while driving a vehicle with an analogue tachograph. Additionally, he has to present six types of records. Those are a record of the driver’s activity from the card, from the unit in the vehicle, errors and events from the card and vehicle, recording of technical data and cases of speeding).

What does the Financial Administration checks with transportation of goods by road?

The Financial Administration of Republic of Slovenia (FURS) does road inspections. They check if the transportation companies have all the appropriate permits when doing transportation of goods by road.

FURS also check if the drivers respect the mandatory driving times and break times. They are set in the Law on working time and compulsory rest of mobile workers and recording equipment in road transportation (ZDCOPMD). FURS also check if the drivers use the equipment correctly.

FURS also check if you are doing the transportation of dangerous goods in accordance to the law. They also issue executive regulations regarding importing and exporting dangerous goods from the customs territory of the EU.

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