Expedition and transport logistics in Slovenia

Expedition and transport logistics in Slovenia

Expedition and transport logistics in Slovenia is a good idea to start a business. Economic globalization is associated with high rates of trade growth. The growth of trade is accompanied by an increase in demand for the companies, providing services in the sphere of expedition and logistics. Especially developed area is the international trade in the European Union. Expedition and transport logistics in Slovenia went up to a higher quality level of service.

Expedition includes activities related to the provision of services to shippers and consignees (clients) and organization of cargo delivery by any mode of transport. Expeditor arranges logistics chain, linking all stakeholders. The aim of the expedition is to release the consignor from the problems associated with the movement of goods.

How to start the business expedition and transport logistics in Slovenia?

Law on implementation of the customs regulations of the European Union (in Slovenian ZIEPES) states that the company, acting as a representative in the expedition and logistics services, must meet the following conditions:

  • Be registered in the territory of the Law on the implementation of the European Union customs regulations (eg in Slovenia).
  • the founder must have at least a high school education and has to pass a specific examination in the specialty related to the expedition of and logistics, or to hire at least one person with exams taken and relevant education.

In addition, it is necessary to comply with the decree on the implementation of the provision of services within the customs activity, that is, to get permission of the General Customs of the Republic of Slovenia, which is not transferable. Also, persons who have adequate education and passed the examination, must obtain a license that is issued by the General Customs Service and is not transferable.

In company Data we offer support in establishing of companies and representative offices in Slovenia, as well as we offer consultations of various experts, such as lawyers, accountants, experts on taxation and migration law. We can also assist in preparing a documentation for obtaining a license for international transport.

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