Food stands – business of temporary catering facilities

Food stands in Slovenia - business of temporary catering facilities

As summer approaches, there is more demand for eating outside. Which is why food stands might be the right business activity for you to start in Slovenia. We are explaining what conditions you would need to fulfill to sell food at a food stand in Slovenia.

Food stands – business activity of temporary catering facilities

The business activity for food stands is listed under the business activity Temporary catering facility (SKD code 56.104). This business activity includes selling food at a food stand, food kiosk, event tents, or any other vessel that you can move from one place to another.

This business activity does not require fulfilling any conditions regarding education, but you do need to abide by the regulations from the field of food safety.

Food stands – establishing a company

In order to start a food stand, you would have to establish a company in Slovenia first. You would also need to register the appropriate business activity.

After you have established the company, you would need to register a food establishment. This is in accordance with the EU regulation on food product hygiene. Any business activity connected to food products requires to register it, including selling food at food stands. The entrepreneur would have to submit the application for the food establishment registration no later than 15 days before starting to sell products at the food stand.

The entrepreneur has to prepare, abide by and determine the principles of the HACCP system (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point). It is a preventive system, which enables the identification, assessment and control over the possible risk factors in food products, which might endanger human health.

You cannot place your foods stands anywhere. As they are temporary catering facilities, they can be found on public events or fairs, but not longer than 30 days. The caterer can only carry out the catering business activity with the consent of the event organizer.

You can find food stands also during tourist season in city centers, swimming pools, ski centers etc. If you plan on selling at a food stand outside of the tourist season or for a period longer than one year, you can do so on the proposal of the responsible institutions of the municipality.

Food stands as a business activity – what can Data do for you?

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