License for tourism in your company in Slovenia /EU

License for tourism in your company in Slovenia /EU

License for tourism in your company in Slovenia / EU 

License for tourism in your company in Slovenia is important for those who are part of tourism services in Slovenia. Licenses for the organization and sale of travel packages are important for the legal implementation of these activities in the market. Next, we explain who, how and under what conditions can get a tourism license. Starting a business in Slovenia is an individual decision that needs careful planning. In the last 25 years, Europe has become one of the most attractive places to live and do business because of its single square.

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Who needs a tourism license?

Package sales activities include travel sales, travel arrangements, transportation and accommodation. This activity can be carried out by legal entities and individual entrepreneurs or travel agents. The procedure is regulated by the Rules on the procedure for obtaining licenses for carrying out activities.  

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Tourism license – what conditions must you meet to have it?

If you are applying for a tourism license, you must include activity code 79 120 in your activity. This is the activity of travel organizers. The applicant must also own or rent suitable commercial premises. If you need a tourism license, you must also attach a letter of guarantee related to the guarantee. This is due to problems of the tour operator to the application for a license.  The application for a license must be given to the Chamber of Tourism and Hospitality of Slovenia. 

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In which cases license for tourism in your company in Slovenia is not required?

You do not need a tourism license in these examples: tourist packages and trips lasting less than 24 hours. The package does not include overnight stays, round. Or packages and related trips offered or performed from time to time.

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