Export ceramics and glassware to Europe – start your business in Slovenia

Exporting ceramics and glassware to Europe

Are you making your own handmade ceramics and glassware products? Would you like to export ceramics and glassware to Europe? In this article we will describe how can you start your business in Slovenia. Export ceramics and other products to Europe will be easier with a company established in Slovenia.

Export ceramics and glassware to Europe by starting your business in Slovenia

Slovenia has a great location to do business in Europe, as it lies in one of the most important crossroades in Europe. The life here is pleasant with extremely low crime rates. Slovenia offers a lot of opportunities also for foreign citizens. Read more about doing business in Slovenia

To start your business and export ceramics and glassware to Europe, we recommend you to register a company in Slovenia. The procedure is very easy and it takes approximately one hour. You can register you activities conncted with export ceramics and glassware at our offices in the capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana. The main activities that you have to register in order to export ceramics are: Artistics creation (no. 90.030) and Agents involved in the sale of variety of goods (no. 46.190).

For the procedure of registering your business you will need a Slovenian tax number and the certificate of non-criminal record from Slovenia. Our experts can help you with all the steps, therefore they can also obtain these documents for you in advance. The referent Will explain you everything that you need to know about the activities of export ceramics and glassware.

In Slovenia you can register different forms of company. It can be LTD company, branch office or subsidiary. If you are an EU citizen or have at least 1 year of residency in Slovenia, you can also become a sole proprietor.

Export ceramics and glassware – how to sell the products?

To increase the sale of your products, we recommend you to set up you own online store. Every day, more clients are making use of the online shopping. It is not only easier for the costumers to shop, but also great opportunity for you to promote your products and put yourself out there.

Our experts from marketing sector can help you set up you own online store and help you to increase your sale!

Other option for you is also to sell the products in public markets. In this case you woud have to register also an activity of Retail sale via stalls and markets of other goods (no. 47.890).

To promote your products and the activity, you can also organize courses of making ceramics and glass products.

Export ceramics and glassware – business immigration to Slovenia, Europe

Firstly, we recommend you to read the article about moving to Europe based on your business: Moving to Europe, Slovenia – how to start a business migration?

After registering a company in Slovenia and start export ceramics, you have a chance to obtain work and residence permit in Slovenia. There are certain conditions that you have to meet. Our experts can consult you and propose you the most appropriate way for you to obtain the permit.

In addition, we can help you to prepare the documentation. It has to be in Slovenian language. We can also guide you through the procedure. That also includes our communication with the Slovenian institutions that are issuing the permits.

Finally, you can obtain residence permits for you family members to reunite them in Slovenia!

Export ceramics and glassware – contact us and let us help you!

If you have more questions about export ceramics and glassware or business migration to Slovenia in general, do not hesitate to contact us! Our company Data Will be happy to assist you! You can write us an email to: data@data.si. Or call us to: 00386 1 6006 270 or 00386 40 530 718 (Viber, WhatsApp).

The company Data offers full support for foreign citizens in Slovenia – legal and tax advice, business address, accounting services and much more.

You can also contact us via Facebook.

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