Set up a new company and get residency in Slovenia

Set up a new company and get residency in Slovenia

Set up a new company and consider residency options

Set up a new company amazing possibility for many entrepreneurs worldwide. Do you want to start business in Slovenia? Having a Slovenian company allows you to have access to the EU market. Along with that, you as the representative can also apply for the work and residence permit in Slovenia. Do you know that you have options for residency in Slovenia? The answer is yes. Having a company in Slovenia gives you the chance to engage in business immigration. However, the process is not automatic. Learn the ways which you can start business immigration and also employ other non EU workers along the way. A detailed explanation of the options is also provided in this article.

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First step to set up a new company

Before setting up a company in Slovenia you have to obtain slovenian tax number as foreigner. You also need to know where you will use business address. You need help? Don’t worry, we will be happy to offer you business address and accounting services. We will take care of your business in the beginning and later after you moved your business and family in Slovenia. Data company can make your dreams come true . Do you need more information? You also have a question? Only in one place you can also get all the information.

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Company establishment in Slovenia – application for work and residence permit

You want to set up a new company in Slovenia? Your business plan is also ready? Then, Slovenia company setup is an amazing solution. What is next? We have excellent news for you. Foreigners of all nationalities can become business owners by opening a company in Slovenia. First of all, you need to register a company in Slovenia. What about Non EU citizens? Non EU citizens can also open an LTD company even without prior residence in Slovenia. What is more? You would just need 7500€ share capital.  But did you know that just by opening a company you cannot apply for work and residence permit? What is next? The company has to fulfill conditions of active business  in Slovenia. What are the conditions? Hence, the conditions are following:

  • 50.000€ investment into fixed assets of the company,
  • or 10.000€ monthly revenue each month for 6 months,
  • or to have an EU citizen employed for 6 months on full time salary.

Fulfilling one of these conditions enables you to relocate to Slovenia . To set up a new company in Slovenia is a perfect option for you. What is more, by fulfilling one of these conditions enables the company to also employ additional non EU staff. Those employees can also be business owners or shareholders in your company. You have ideas , but you also need help? Do you need business advice? In this regard, Data company offers you full support. What is more, Data has more than 45 experts from different fields.

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