Cross-border services with your branch office in Slovenia

Cross-border services with your branch office in Slovenia

Cross-border services in Slovenia for companies from third countries can be provided under certain conditions. The good news is that you can start right away even if you did not register a company company in Slovenia but have a company abroad and want to expand your business in Europe. While you are already providing the services, you can register your branch office in Slovenia to keep providing the services later on.

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If you want to open a branch in Slovenia to carry out cross-border services Slovenia, Data d.o.o. can help you and offer you support in starting a business in Slovenia.

Our accountants can offer bookkeeping, tax and financial services in accordance with Slovenian bookkeeping standards. Data has 45 experts from different fields. Our experts can offer consulting on taxation, labor law, staffing and entrepreneurship. We also have a legal department who can prepare civil and commercial law contracts for you in accordance with Slovenian law.

Cross-border services in Slovenia, EU

Companies from third countries can perform works and services on the territory of the Republic of Slovenia with their employees regardless of whether they are present in the market (they have a branch or other related legal entity, like subsidiary, in Slovenia). Your company can perform cross-border work and services for no more than 3 months in a calendar year. You may extend the performance of cross-border works and services by up to one month if the contractor and the contracting authority prove that the services could not be completed on time for objective reasons (force majeure, delay in the performance of works / services related to the works / services specified in the contract). So, you can start the work immediately, and during that time register the branch, then you can continue providing them after the 3 months have passed.

What is a branch office?

You can also perform cross-border services if you have registered a branch office in Slovenia. You open the branch office in countries where you plan to work predominantly.

The branch of the foreign company you are opening in Slovenia is not an independent legal entity. You need to know that the branch is part of your existing parent company. This means that if you close the parent company, the branch cannot exist on its own. Also, this also means that you can only register a branch office for business that the parent company registered. You cannot offer other services, but only those activities that the parent company also provides.

In addition, the parent is responsible for the operations of a foreign branch office. You will always have to include and record the branches annual financial statements in the parent company’s books and the parent company is responsible for all of the branch office’s debts. You would have to register the branch at the notary’s office. The procedure of registration of a branch of a foreign company takes up to 15 days from the submission of complete documentation to the notary. Afterwards you can also proceed to carry out cross-border services through the branch.

The good news is you don’t need share capital to register the branch.

Documentation for branch office registration

The following documentation is required for the registration of a branch of a foreign company in Slovenia:

  • decree of the parent company to open a branch of a foreign company in Slovenia, which contains information on the name of the branch, abbreviated name, address and headquarters, activities, name of the representative,
  • an extract from the register of the parent company, translated into Slovenian by a court interpreter. This document cannot be older than 3 months
  • act of establishment of the parent company,
  • financial report for the previous business year (for the parent company),
  • Slovenian tax numbers for the parent company and representatives.

All documents for opening a branch of a foreign company in Slovenia must be certified. Additionally, they also have to be translated into Slovenian by a court interpreter. DATA may conduct proceedings for you based on authorization. We can also assist you in obtaining work and residence permits for your employees doing the cross-border services.

Register a company and offer cross-border services in Slovenia with help of Data d.o.o.

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