Company registration and time frame for that

Company registration and time frame for that

Company registration and time frame for that

Most businessmen are interested in company registration and time frame for that. It it depends on the form of the company. The registration process in Slovenia is simple and fast. If you have the right answer and good advisors of course. Therefore, If you are thinking about your own business in Slovenia, call us at 00386 64 173 023 (Viber/WhatsApp) .Our experts at Data will give you full support in the business registration process. Moreover, you can open a company in just few steps! Read an article for more information. 

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Company registration – first steps

The first decision is related to the status form of the company. There are three types that are most common in Slovenia:

  • Limited Liability Company – is opened by a natural person and it is a procedure with the least documentation. 
  • Subsidiary company – owner is a legal entity. The company can open a person who already has an existing company in another country.
  • The branch is completely dependent on the parent company.

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Registration of an LTD company

Registration of an LTD company is the fastest process. This is because you will need less documentation. The owner must first obtain a Slovenian tax number. You will need a business address for his company and a valid passport. Then, the founding capital  of 7,500 EUR is put on bank account. Checking the company name takes about three days.

The opening of a business account in the bank is the next step. The time frame for that is different. It depends on the bank where you decide to open an account. Some banks open business faster then others. Some open an account in one day, others decide on it in a few days. The last phase of registration is making a court decision. With a court decision in the bank, you can activate your account and you can do it in a day.

 Start your own business in Slovenia now!

Registration of subsidiary company

The time frame for registering a subsidiary company is not much different from the registration of an LTD. You need a little more documentation. That is because the daughter company is founded by a parent company. Representatives need Slovenian tax number too. The proces takes up to seven days.

Time frame and procedure – branch company

The last option is to register a branch in Slovenia. The time frame depends on the time you need to collect documentation.  After that, it must be translated into Slovenian. The next step is to obtain a Slovenian tax number for the representatives of the parent company.

Data, your reliable partner on the way

Why is Data the right partner for you if you are opening a company in EU? First of all, we can provide you with the best support. Therefore it is wise to have good advisors in the beginning. Let us anwser your questions before and after you start your business. In addition, at Data, we understand business people. In other words, our consultants will provide you with full support in the entire company registration process. Don’t wait! Call us now. For all information, write to us at or call us at +VIber/WhatsApp +386 64 173 023. We advise you also to visit our Facebook  and Instagram. You can sign up for free webinars on business in Slovenia.


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