Subsidiary in Slovenia: expand your business to EU!

Subsidiary in Slovenia expand your business to EU!

Subsidiary in Slovenia: expand your business to EU!

Subsidiary in Slovenia is a good option for non-EU companies to expand their business to Europe. If you already registered a LTD company in your country, you can open a subsiary in Slovenia. This company type will give you easy access to the EU market and also make the transfer of goods in EU easier. In this article we will explain what a subsidiary is and what the process to open it looks like.

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What do you need to open a subsidiary in Slovenia?

A subsidiary in Slovenia is also a LTD company. It is a separate and new legal entity. This means, that you can do business in EU also for an activity which the parent company does not have registered. It means that you can be more flexible to do business in Slovenia. This is an advantage when compared to a branch office. But when comparing it to a LTD where the owner is a natural person, you still have an already renowned company behind you.

But how can you open a web shop in Slovenia/EU?

What do you need to start the process? To open a subsidiary in Slovenia, you need the items below:

  • Slovenian tax number for the parent company,
  • Slovenian tax number for the director of the parent company,
  • also, a Slovenian tax number for the director of the subsidiary, if it is not the same person as in the point above,
  • extract from the business registry of the parent company. It cannot be older than 1 month and has to have a translation to Slovene language by a court translator.
  • the consent from the owner of the business space allowing you to register your company address there,
  • 7500€ share capital. You can use this money later for your business expenses.

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Do your business in Europe as well!

Do you plan to work in other EU lands as well? In addition to working in Slovenia, your subsidiary can also do work in other EU countries. Our legal team can help you to send your workers to work in EU via the A1 form. Our advisors can also help you to apply for a VAT number for your company.

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