Permit for transportation company in Slovenia – CEMT

Permit for transportation company in Slovenia - CEMT

If you are thinking about opening a transportation company in Slovenia, you would also need certain permits to do it.

Permit for transportation company to load and unload goods (CEMT) – company registration

In order to do the activity of transportation of goods in Slovenia, you would have to open a company here first. Non-EU citizens can open an LTD company in order to start their business in Slovenia. But to having a transportation company in Slovenia allows you to also do business in Europe as well. In order to do so your company would need to obtain the license for international transport. This license will enable you to do transportation of goods throughout EU without additional permits or licenses.

Permit for transportation company to load and unload goods (CEMT)

But if you plan on transporting goods from or to non-EU countries, you would need additional permits to do so.

The permit is CEMT and the abbreviation stands for Conference of European Ministers of Transport. It is issued to perform transportation in the countries which are CEMT signees. The non-EU countries which are CEMT signees are: Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Georgia, Macedonia, Moldova, Russia, Serbia, Turkey, Ukraine and similar.

If a domestic transporter wants to obtain the CEMT permit to transportation to one of those countries, the condition is that he has the international license for transportation of goods and that he submitted the application on time. There are limited amounts of CEMT licenses issued each year and they can run out.

Also, foreign companies doing transportation from those countries to the EU require to obtain the CEMT permit. They have to obtain it even if only the transit is through the country.

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Permit for transportation company to load and unload goods (CEMT) – controlling and checking the permits

If a company does the business activity that includes loading and unloading of goods in international transportation, they have to check if the foreign transporters have a valid and unused CEMT permit. Once the cargo has been loaded or unloaded, the domestic company has to mark that the permit was used. They mark if the transporter has either loaded or unloaded the goods, the sign it and stamp it as well as make a copy. You would have to keep the CEMT permits and their copies for at least 2 years after the passing of the year in which it was used.

The Financial administration of Slovenia checks if the company is familiar with the legislation and whether there is a system of control. They also assess the reliability of the system of control as well as check the copies they keep from CEMT permits.

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