Change of the representative of your Slovenian company

Change of the representative of your Slovenian company

Every LTD company in Slovenia is required to have at least one representative in the company. A representative or director is a natural person, who is the responsible person in the company. They are in charge to sign agreements, oversee financials and also manage the business conduct of the company. So, when starting a business in Slovenia, you would need to appoint at least one person to represent your company. But in case you change your mind later, it is also possible to change or add additional people as the representative of your LTD company.

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Data d.o.o. has been supporting entrepreneurs with their business in Europe for almost 30 years. We provide services of company registration but we additionally also offer accounting services. Also, Data d.o.o. has its own legal department that helps entrepreneurs to understand the Slovenian legislation. Additionally, they can also help you to understand how to change the representative of your company.

Who can become a representative in your company?

A representative can be any adult, foreign or local, as long as the person has not been convicted for criminal offenses against the economy, employment and social security, legal transactions, property, environment and natural resources. The person who will become a representative in a Slovenian company, has to obtain a Slovenian tax number. They also require to present a valid personal document and personally accompany the shareholder to complete the process.

You have registered a company in Slovenia. How can you change the representative after company registration?

If you would like to change the representative of your company, the shareholder needs to visit Slovenia for the process. If there are more shareholders in the company, all have to be present in Slovenia for the process. To change the representative, you do not need to visit the notary. You can carry out the procedure at any licensed VEM point. In addition to the shareholders, the new representative also has to accompany you in the process. At the licensed VEM point, you sign the document stating the change of representative. The consultant at the VEM point sends the documentation to court and in a couple of days you would receive a decree of change to your company’s business address.

If your company has more representative and you would like to delete one of them from the company, it is also possible to do the process at a VEM point. In that case, only the shareholders need to visit Slovenia and the licensed VEM point. The representative who is going to be deleted does not have to come.

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