Procedures you can carry out at a VEM point in Slovenia, EU

Procedures you can carry out at a VEM point in Slovenia, EU

VEM is a Slovenian abbreviation meaning »All In One Place«. When starting a business in Slovenia, you can carry out several procedures related to company registration at these licensed VEM points. Certain offices have gained a license from the Slovenian government and have the power to register specific company types and also carry out accompanying procedures. Data d.o.o. is also such a licensed VEM point

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Starting a business in Europe can be a challenging endeavor but not if you have a trusted partner offering assistance. At Data d.o.o., we have been offering support to local and foreign entrepreneurs for over 28 years. We have experts from fields of taxation and accounting and we also have our own legal department helping you to understand all procedures you need to do before, during and after company registration in Slovenia. All procedures that you do at the VEM point in person are free-of-charge.

Procedure of reserving a company name at a VEM point

When starting a new business, you would want to make sure that the name of the company that you chose is available for you. At our VEM point, you can do the procedure of company name reservation. All you have to bring with you is your Slovenian tax number.

Procedure of company registration at a VEM point

The most important procedure that VEM points carry out is company registration. VEM points can perform registration of certain company types, like simple LTD companies and sole proprietorships. They can also register certain subsidiaries but cannot register branch offices. Branch offices still require registration at the notary’s office.

Non-EU citizens can also register LTD companies at the VEM point. Data d.o.o. is a licensed VEM point and we can help you to prepare everything needed. The consultant can prepare the act of company establishment based on the documents and information the shareholders provide. Presence of all shareholders and representatives is required at the VEM point to carry out the registration.

An additional advantage when registering a company at our VEM point is that along with the company registration procedure, the consultant will also submit the foreseen yearly turnover automatically with company registration to the tax office. It is mandatory for a newly established company to submit this data to the tax office within 8 days from company registration. And in comparison, to the notary, we do this procedure when you are already here signing the company registration documents.

Changing business activities at a VEM point

When the company is registered, you can also do certain procedures of changing elements in your company if your business scope changes. The most common reason entrepreneurs decide to visit our VEM point after company registration is to add or remove business activities. Changing of business activities is possible for all companies who also did their company registration at the VEM point. If your company was registered at the notary, you can only do changes directly at the notary.

The representative has to visit the VEM point in order to do the procedure of adding or removing business activities.

Procedure of changing the legal representative of the company

If your company was registered at a VEM point, you can make changes to your company in any other VEM point in Slovenia, even the VEM point at Data d.o.o. After company registration, you can also decide to change your director or add an additional representative to the company. For these procedures, the shareholders have to visit the VEM point and the new representative has to accompany them. The new representative will also need a Slovenian tax number in the procedure.

But if you decide to change the ownership structure and add or remove shareholders, you have to do it at the notary, regardless if you registered the company at a VEM point or at the notary.

Changing your company’s business address at the VEM point

You can also change your business address at our VEM point if you have not made the initial company registration at the notary. The procedure is very straight-forward and requires the visit of the representative at the VEM point. To transfer the address, you need a statement from the owner of the business address allowing you to register your company there. The owner can come with you to our VEM point to sign this statement. If they do not have time, they can also sign the statement and have it notarized at the Slovenian administrative unit or notary’s office. But in those cases, the notarization is payable – but if the owner signs the statement at the VEM point, the procedure is free of charge.

Posting job vacancies for future employees at the VEM point

Most likely, you would want to search for employees that you would employ in your company. The easiest way that you can reach a large pool of potential employees is to post a job vacancy at the Slovenian employment office. You can do this procedure with our consultant at the VEM point.

Enrollment to social security of your employees at the VEM point

If you will be employing workers in your company, you would need to enroll them into Slovenian social security. You can do these procedures at our VEM point free-of-charge. The representative would have to visit our office with the required documentation. The employee does not have to come too. Once the employee is enrolled, your company would have to start paying them salary. You can also make changes to the social security at our VEM point. If you want to exclude the employee from social security, you can do the procedure at our VEM point. You can also prolong the enrollment at our VEM point as well as make changes regarding their job position and their working time.

What about closing the company? Is it possible to do at the VEM point?

At the VEM point it is possible to close only sole proprietorship. If you decide to close the LTD company, you would have to do the procedure at the notary.

We would be happy to consult you on your particular case and address your queries. For more information about company registration in Slovenia, you can write to us on our email You can also contact us over the phone 00386 1 6006 270 or 00386 40 530 718 (Viber, WhatsApp). You can also follow us on Facebook.


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