Director of the company in Slovenia, EU

Director of the company in Slovenia, EU

There are several roles within the company that you have decide on before starting your business in Slovenia. In the process of company registration, you will have to decide who will be the shareholder of the company and who will be the representative. The representative, or director, is the person who will be responsible for the business conduct in your company in Slovenia when you start your business in Europe.

Are you considering company registration in Slovenia?

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Our 40 experts at Data d.o.o. will be happy to offer you full support in the process of company registration. The professional legal department can explain the rights and responsibilities the director of the company will have. Our accountants will make sure to handle your company’s books according to Slovenian accountancy standards. Additionally, we also provide services of virtual office as well as tax consultation.

Who is the director in your Slovenian company?

When foreigners start a business in Slovenia, they will have to register an LTD company with 7500€ founding capital. Within the company, they will have to decide who will be shareholder and appoint a legal representative (director). The shareholders provide the founding capital of the company and become owners, while the director will be responsible for the business conduct of the company.

The Companies Act  (ZGD-1) instructs that the company can only be represented by the persons who are determined by the law or act of company establishment on the basis of the law. From this statement derives the word legal representative, commonly known as director.

That person will be included in the business registry as the authorized person to represent the company. He or she can sign agreements, oversee financials, appoint staff, etc. The person needs to agree to become representative but it is sufficient that he is only a nominal director. This means that that person is not an employee, i.e. does not have to receive monthly salary. The company can decide on other ways to compensate for their responsibility, should this function require it.

Are there any other forms of representatives in the company in Slovenia?

In addition to having a director, a company can also decide to appoint a procurator. It is a special form of legal representative, where the person cannot make decisions on employing staff or mortgaging/selling/buying real estate, for example. The law limits their function to representation only. This means that the person can attend meetings and sign certain agreements in the name of the company. Usually a company appoint a procurer when the director is absent for longer periods of time but the company still requires someone on-site to conduct the business of the company.

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