Company types in Slovenia/EU for foreign entrepreneurs

Company types in Slovenia EU for foreign entrepreneurs

Company types in Slovenia/EU: do you know what company types you can open?

If you start a business in Europe and choose Slovenia as your hub, you also have to decide what type of company you will open. The company types in Slovenia are mainly divided into 3 groups. We will present all groups in this article.

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Company types in Slovenia: limited liability company

The company which is easiest to open is a limited liability company – LTD. A foreign individual or a legal entity can open it. You would need to present 7500€ for the initial capital and a business address in Slovenia. All owners and directors also need a Slovenian tax number. In case of a daughter company, the parent company also needs a Slovenian tax number. There can be more than one owner. Also, the LTD can have more directors.

The LTD is an independent company. It means that you can do business in Slovenia without ties to your company in the homeland. In the company, you can register as many business activities as you want. This company type is the most popular in Slovenia. This is mainly because it is the easiest one to register.

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Company types in Slovenia: branch office

Slovenia will have a big economic growth in the year 2021. That is why people plan to expand their business here.  They often choose a branch office from the company types in Slovenia. A branch is an extension of your parent company in a new territory. It is not independent and relies on the parent company. Because of that it does not need share capital. But it is limited to only doing the same business activities as the parent company. Mostly people open a branch office to market their product or service in a new territory. This is the only one from that the company types in Slovenia that you need to register with a notary. For the registration you need from the parent company: the act of establishment, the extract from the business registry and the financial report.

To register a branch office, you also need to obtain a Slovenian tax number for the director and for the parent company. The company also needs a business address. Before you can register it you would also need to do the decree of branch registration and appoint a director. It can be the same as in the parent company, or it can be someone else. Our legal experts can help you decide which of the company types to choose.

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Can you become a sole trader in Slovenia?

You can also become a sole trader in Slovenia. The main difference from the other company types in Slovenia is that here you carry out the business as an individual. It means that you are the only owner of the company. This company type cannot have than one owner. But you can appoint some as a procurator. For the sole trader you do not need the share capital. Here, you are liable for your business with all your personal assets. As as sole trader, you can also register any business activity.

But who can become a sole trader? You can become a sole trader if you are an EU citizen. Also, you can become a sole trader if you have been living in Slovenia at least for the past 1 year. If you do not fall into any of those groups, you would have to open a LTD. Any foreign national can open a LTD.

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