Economy in Slovenia/EU: big growth is expected in 2021!

Economy in SloveniaEU big growth is expected in 2021!

Economy in Slovenia is expected to improve already in 2021!

The economy in Slovenia will most likely recover very quickly. This is very good news for all who want to do business in Europe. The Bank of Slovenia says that it should reach a 5,2% growth. This is positive news. The country should reache the pre-pandemic level of the GDP in the beginning of next year!

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Economy in Slovenia – forecast in figures

This year’s growth will probably be at 5,2%. It should remain high also in the next year. Here, the forecast is 4.8%. The growth is expected to happen because of local and foreign demand. The inflation will also be low, at 2%. Also the forecast for the years 2022 and 2023 are good and promise the growth of economy in Slovenia. In the year 2022 it is expected to be at 4,8% and in 2023 at 3,1%. The export will also grow, at the rate of 11,1%, where the import would grow by 11,6%. Also, employment will be higher. This year it will be at 0,7%, but it will grow every year for about 1,5%.

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What about the economy in the countries of the EU zone?

The forecast for the EU zone are favourable. The economy should improve by 4,6% this year, by 4,7% next year and by 2,1% in the year after that.

Data on new construction in Slovenia/EU in 2020

What would be the risks for the economy in Slovenia?

The Bank of Slovenia claims that the biggest risk for the economy in Slovenia is not the pandemic anymore. The risks come from the global geo-political environment. They include: frictions in the Middle East, challenges in global production chains. Also, they can include the lack of certain raw materials and half-products. If this will go on for a longer period of time, it can affect higher prices and lower growth of the economy of Slovenia.

The report states that the economy in Slovenia would also grow due to higher local consumption. This is because the savings of the residents are at an all-time high. Follow our Facebook  and Instagram to receive all updates on Slovenia.

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