Registering a company without employees in Slovenia/EU

Registering a company without employees

Register a company in Slovenia – do you have to be employed as well?

Registering a company without employees is possible in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Slovenia. People often ask us if it the company owner has to get employed in the company. This is very important for those who already work somewhere else. In this article, we answer your questions related to the company owner and if he or she has to also be the employee of the company.

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Registering a company without employees: first steps

The first step when opening a company in Slovenia is deciding which company toregister. You can open a limited liability company. For a ltd company you will need a share capital of € 7,500. If you already have existing company then you have the option to open a branch or subsidiary. Do you want to know more about company registration in Slovenia? Then you can contact us on Viber/WhatsApp +386 40 530 718.

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Does the founder and director have to be employed in their company?

If the company has one owner and a director who is not employed elsewhere, he or she also must register for social insurance. This means that he has to get a job in his company. If the owner and director is a third country national, he needs a residence and work permit in Slovenia. EU citizens do not need a work permit. The founder and owner of a company in Slovenia is often a third country national and has a company in his home country. In that case, he cannot work in a company in Slovenia, because he cannot work in two places. If entrepreneurs who already have existing companies in their countries then in Slovenia in most cases establish subsidiaries or branches. And so they expand their business in the EU market.

Company registration

Company without employees and movement in the EU

You want to know more about registering a company without employees? Then you are on the right place.EU citizens have the right of movement in all EU countries. If you are a third country national and you are not working in your company in Slovenia, i.e. you have not received a work and residence permit in Slovenia, your movement in the EU will be restricted. With opening of a company in Slovenia and the appointment of yourself as a director, you do not receive a residence and work permit in Slovenia.

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What if you are not employed in your homeland?

However, if the company owner in Slovenia is not employed in his company in the home country, then they must be employed in the Slovenian company. If you are a non-EU citizen, then you must first meet the conditions for obtaining a residence and work permit in Slovenia.

These conditions are as follows:

You may apply for a work permit if the company meets one of these conditions:

  • Invests in fixed assets in the amount of 50,000 EUR,
  • If they have at least 6 months one full-time employee who is EU citizen,
  • If in each of the last 6 months the company has revenues in the amount of 10,000 EUR

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